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Introduction: Baby Beret and Coat

After searching the stores for a jacket ,I decided to make one instead.  The ones in the store were all pink or the ones from the better stores were outrageously expensive.
     I love stores like Baby Gap, but can never afford to shop there. My upstairs is well stocked with fabric. I selected a light weight woven plaid. We live in Florida where a cold day is in the 50s . I love the winter coats styles people up north get to wear , so I made a light weight version of those styles.
     I cut out a simple bodice and sleeve pattern . i made it a little large ,so we could use the coat the whole cold season.
    The hat is an easy beret. It is basically a large circle gathered around the edges with a circular band sewn to the edges.
    There are pom poms on the top corners of the jacket opening and one on top of the beret.
    I used brown ribbon sewn under the pompoms  to tie the coat shut.
   For decoration I sewed a thin braid around the edges . Then I added a second row of elastic loops.
   I lined the jacket with a light weight contrasting fabric.



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    I just love it! That beret is just the cutest with that fluff ball on top!