If you have been around any infants lately you know how many bibs they use a day. My granddaughter goes through 10 a day. So I decided I would make her a few. When I started looking for material I had at home I found a box of T-shirts that were her mothers. They are nice and soft so they will make great bibs. Here are a few that I made. The pictures are from different bibs because I learned a few tricks as I went along.

Step 1: Pattern

I started with a bib that I had for a pattern. Her mother likes the bandana bibs so that is the one I am using. You can use any size bib you want. Just lay the bib on the material or shirt you are using. I am also using a spare towel for the back of the bib. I listed the dimensions on the picture of the bib. This is the finished size. So if you are making a pattern add a inch to each side for a seam allowance. Pattern size 17x13 x13.. Of course if your picture on the t-shirt is slightly bigger you can change the dimensions.

<p>such a good idea.</p>
Thanks, they look so cute and my daughter loves that they are from her tshirts.

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