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Introduction: Baby Blankie

This is the Baby Blankie I made for my sister's new baby (that's on the way). I used a soft acrylic washable yarn and made the main blankie in the afghan stitch. This uses a super long crochet hook. I crocheted the border. Then I embroidered the animals on the top. Hope the baby likes it!



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    well thats a nice adoption gift i hope your new niece or nephew is dragging that blankie around for years throught the supermarket etc and snuggling with it of luck.....

    What a sweet comment! Thanks!

    bevneal01 says: That is an adorable blanket,so unusual! I'd love to have the pattern too! The little animal's are precious! Great Job!

    It's absolutely beautiful! Great job, those animals are so adorable! And the outlining is perfect; the baby will love it!

    Thanks so much! OK- you've got to be the one to ask cuz you've got a cool screen name... Do you know how to change your screen name? It sounds stupid- but without re-registering etc. I don't see how to. It looks like you you can change anything else you want ie: password, license, but I don't see how to do easily do that. Thanks!

    Nope robingale, I think you would only have to re-register to change your screenname because I cannot find out a way either. :( Thank you for the comment on my afghan!

    That's what I thought. Thanks for checking it out for me. Keep up the good work!