Baby Blue Cloud Hat


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This soft-as-a-cloud baby hat was originally designed after I had experienced a beautiful day of blue sky filled with white puffy clouds. Lion Brand Homespun was the perfect choice to represent the clouds, combined with a soft cotton baby yarn in blue. Worked in the round from K2 P2 rib to top on a size 8 circular (16") needle. The 2-color block pattern was easy to accomplish. Homespun made a wonderful top finish---a cloud pompom! Sized for newborn to 6 mos. but adjustable for other sizes. Adaptable to use with a variety of yarns and color combinations.  Free pattern here



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    Yes, thanks to the lovely white Homespun---it made for a great top-knot cloud too! Glad you like it.

    Great job! Looks like everything is fine. Your cat is cute, so is that bear.. or dog. :-)

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    Actually, it's another cat! (one I don't have to feed, though)

    Well good thing he/she eats air.

    nice :)


    Thank you!

    I do believe you have a talent for designing beautiful knit and crochet items. This hat is spectacular. However, I think there's a kitty cat wishing you'd make a baby blue cloud hat for him, too.

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    Thank you very much! He might prefer an apricot & white one, though, to match his fur!