Picture of Baby Care Bear Costume
What do you do with a baby-sized Care Bear?

You skin it and make a baby-sized Care Bear Skin Coat, obviously!

Whether you use this as a costume or as instant toy store camoflauge, you're going to get more than a couple looks for this upcycled toy!

Step 1: Get a Bear and Gut It

Picture of Get a Bear and Gut It
Find a bear that is approximately the size of your baby.

Gut it.

I decided that I wanted to put the zipper around the belly instead of straight down through it.  So I opened the bear under the chin and unstuffed it from there.

I know the baby is wearing a red bow in the second feature picture, but it adds to the adorable factor that it looks like the Care Bear has bloody fangs-! ^^
scoochmaroo (author)  BoredInClass5 years ago
It IS bloody fangs!!
TinyTraveller2 months ago

So cute, my 6 month old would look adorable in this

BailyA1 year ago

Oh my god.. That is so awesome. :D

swings_jo1 year ago

This is awesome and cute!

But are those fangs?

ElPounse1 year ago
Having just constructed this, using Funshine bear procured on eBay, a few tips:

- Buy really big cable ties. Only takes 4 to get the super structure in there. I used a combination of sewing and glue gun to secure them.
- Instead of stuffing, use packing balloons from your latest diapers.com delivery to fill the head. Really lightweight!
- If you are pressed for time, skip the lining, and just make sure your little one is wearing long sleeves.
- Seal the bag of Care Bear guts, lest your dog wrestle the bag open and shower your floor with polyfill.

onemoroni11 year ago
This is the most adorable instructable I have ever seen. Happy trick-r-treating!
I just remembered years ago when Starwars came out we dressed as characters, took a week. I was 3PO with R2D2, wife was Princess Leah, teenage son Luke, other three boys including the 1 year old were Jawas. Sorry no pictures, but it was fun going door to door. Thanks for bringing the memories back and sharing.
orchidblack2 years ago
Oh my gosh this instructable is awesome and the baby even more so ... I was giggling with every photo! ^_^
poppop1592 years ago
That is very very cute
i wish i had a baby just so that i could make this costume. i think it is probably the most adorable thing I've seen in my entire life.
I'm off to make a baby right now!
You know, so I can make a costume for it.

Seriously, great idea.
omg its so CUTE!!!!
Celine11073 years ago
That baby is SO cute! Absolutely a cutie!! The costume just makes it EVEN cuter!
U4563 years ago
(:) (:) = buttons
U4563 years ago
aww soo cute if you don't add the fangs it would look cute as a button! :)
chay wnek4 years ago
Where did you find the care bear that you used?
hhornburg4 years ago
you've made my day :D
omg that's so cute, great instructable i wish we had thought of that while one of our three kids was that age. Would be a great Karnavals-costum.
poodle puff4 years ago
This is the most adorable thing and you worked so hard on it
I am saving it till i have grand babies!
OMNOMNOM! (in the first pic the bear is eating the baby)
Mishi21084 years ago
It came out perfectly! Thanks again!
jahnkekong4 years ago
genius! About how old/big is your baby? I love this idea
srsantafe4 years ago
What a nice costume,, adorable baby thanks for the instructable
Mishi21084 years ago
Oh my gosh, I am SO GRATEFUL to you right this second. I have this huge tomato head I am making for my son's costume and I didn't want it to be too heavy. You have just saved me.
hopefulham4 years ago
This is adorable! I would love to make this (someday)!
Ghostboy4805 years ago
LoL, it looks like a care bear ate your baby!!! XD
 So. Cute!!
Haha yea, Step one photo is awesome
Hello Kitty5 years ago
Saw your baby on 'babies making faces' - so cute!
Sherlock695 years ago
OMG this is the cutest costume project I've ever seen!!! And your baby is SO adorable!!!
That is just SOOO cute and wonderful! Now all I need is to get good at sewing! Very sweet baby too.
thinkdunson5 years ago
 your baby is unbearably cute.

pun not intended.
uglymike5 years ago
Now, if only I could find a 6 foot tall Carebear doll.
scoochmaroo (author)  uglymike5 years ago
I'm planning on a coat for myself that uses up all of the tiny care bears.
But maybe we need to come up with a pattern for the adult version of this!
We should get seamster in on this too.  Right up his alley.
           Back in high school I made a pair of pants out of stuffed animals (ala Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers).  As far as the bear costume, you've inspired me and I've gotten some great ideas.  If any of them actually pan out you can bet you'll be seeing them here!  (Halloween Contest here I come)

StoryAddict5 years ago
This is so awesome. I think picture #5 is my favorite.
scoochmaroo (author)  StoryAddict5 years ago
Yeah!  She's sooooo expressive.  I can make up an inner dialogue for every one of these photos.
scoochmaroo (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
I like picture #3 too where she's looking wryly at the camera.
StoryAddict5 years ago
And now she's just bleeding...way to make it more morbid :)
StoryAddict5 years ago
ROFL. I love the little bear crying next to the bag of "Care Bear Guts." While this ends up a very cute project, it is in fact very morbid.
That is horrifyingly cute...I can't look away...Its cute now but I wonder what the child will say in fifteen years?
It's always good to have blackmail material for a teenager.
canida Flash6355 years ago
We're collecting quite a bit. ;)
I did this for my son Nathaniel with a regular teddy bear for Halloween 2007. I was a "baby" and he was my teddy bear.
That sounds awesome.  Please post pictures!
Queenpooba5 years ago
This is soooo adorable I laughed so loud I made my cat jump!! Awesome idea and excellent handi-work.
tonic45 years ago
Oh my gosh,  this adorable maybe made my day. Whenever I'm feeling bummed I'm just go to this instructable.
tonic4 tonic45 years ago
Baby, not maybe.
JessickaRay5 years ago
That baby is so adorable :)
JessickaRay5 years ago
Cutest thing ever!
onrust5 years ago
aznliu5 years ago
Wow! That's awesome!
Buskieboy5 years ago
Can you die from "aCUTE" cuteness?  I think this is a source! 
Great job!
what a a great idea!  now if only my little girl was small enough! :) love the pics. your little on looks like she enjoyed it!
codongolev5 years ago
cute! yay!
amykins115 years ago
the fangs are a great touch...and what a cutie....
 too cute! xD i LOVE your instrcutable! =D
butrcup745 years ago
SO SWEET!  Thanks for sharing and kudos to the great pics!
mokcarthy5 years ago
kelseymh5 years ago

  If the baby CAN'T MOVE IN THE COSTUME then it shouldn't be a costume. Ugh. That's horrible. -__-
It is rather strange...to say the least.
Well, duh :-)  That's why the video is so, er, unfortunate.
  It's just so disturbing! Lol. She goes a bit overboard sometimes I do think.
Oh, I've seen that before. Don't need to play it again. It's like some baby massacre, but cute... sort of.
scoochmaroo (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
that is messed up yo.
Yes.  Yes it is.  If only it were a parody....
Aw, so cute!
mesatactil5 years ago
Great instructable, i love how you baby looks like :)
tammomtom5 years ago
Love it!  I knew this could be done, but never attempted it.  Maybe I'll do another version for a 2 year old for this Halloween.  I could use the whole animal on the upper body of my boy and do something creative with the bottom.  I'm thinking, I'm thinking.  (that could be dangerous)

komecake5 years ago
  Man... I want all of her care bears. SO unfair. I only have like 3 and I'm 24. I should have them all by now. Lol.
scoochmaroo (author)  komecake5 years ago
Hopefully by next week you'll see what I have in store for the rest of those bears!
CamWaite5 years ago
 Oh my god I love that baby can I have one?
I think we might have an Instructable for that, as well as a Guide for the followup.
 hahaha one day (I'm 15)
And the teachable moment here is, Be careful what you wish for :-)
mikeasaurus5 years ago
...blood tipped fangs?
Yeah, no kidding.  What's with the fangs in Step 6, Pic 4?  Is that to help convince the baby of the "RAWR" factor?  LOL.  It is interesting to think of a CareBear with fangs, though.  Very nice 'Ible.
scoochmaroo (author)  Truehart5 years ago
That was Eric's idea.  The bloody fangs.
I couldn't resist.
I gave it a 5 rating just because of the cutest (ok, second cutest behind my own daughter) baby pictures in the whole world! :) Forget the ingenuity of the costume.

Cutecutecutecutegrabblegrabblleeprrrllllllllll........... (turns into a puddle of drools)

Those photos are gonna win some kind of contests, thats for certain.
wocket5 years ago
so cute. but remember that
- baby can overhat really quickly so keep an eye on their temp and loom out for rosy cheeks.

Kryptonite5 years ago
Ha ha that's so cool! Very nice upcycled toy, best use of a care bear I've ever seen!
kelseymh5 years ago
Well, somebody had to post this, and I've beaten Caitlin'sDad to the punch :-)

Hmmm, I would have commented on the modified C-section on the bear and the sweatshop work the interns should have been doing...but I'm not a doctor dangit.
canida kelseymh5 years ago

Wow.  That explains a lot about New Jersey, too.
Goodhart canida5 years ago
Only the industrialized sector  ;-) 
kmc5125 years ago
this is absolutely precious!!
SGAC5 years ago
Cutest! Instructable! Ever! 5 Stars!
Sunbanks5 years ago
This is adorable! 
Goodhart5 years ago
That is absolutely cute. :-) 
luvit5 years ago
 that bear is in need of the heimlich maneuver.
Jayefuu5 years ago
Poor Corvidae!
oh my god this is too cute!
SueHeiss5 years ago
Great costume!  Easy to follow instructions.
st.paul5 years ago
the first picture is literally the cutest thing i've seen in months, good job :)
jeff-o5 years ago
Wow, what a great idea!  Tear apart a stuffed animal and make it into a costume!  Brilliant!

Also, incredibly cute!
kelseymh5 years ago
With that out of the way, this is really cute :-)  And the inverse taxidermy lessons gave it just the wonderful touch of macabre realism it needed.