Baby Converse Booties


Introduction: Baby Converse Booties

Having received multiple requests on how I made these Chuck T's, I had to fess up that they weren't my idea. I found the cutest pattern

Unfortunately, not realizing that they would be so popular, I didn't take "in progress" pix but I can tell you that it was an easy knit... even for a beginner like me! Okay, so I had to take a bit slowly as I had never done short rows, intarsia, I-cord... but in a jiffy these were done!

These Chuck T's were knit for my soon-to-be-nephew. They were his Christmas present. I used some yarn I had in my stash that was (a) the color I wanted and (b) the weight I wanted. I used Caron Simply Soft in White and Navy. Size 4 and size 5 needles.

The star logos were created by cutting felt in the desired shapes and sewing them onto the booties after they were knit using thread. I think it ALMOST took me more time to sew these little logos than it did to knit the shoes.

Perfect little gift for my soon-to-be-nephew. Baby shoes that don't look like baby booties, but rather little Converse court shoes. Hope you enjoy knitting them as much as I did.



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    would be positive but am getting no where trying to download this pattern

    why don't you learn, so when you get married, your wife will have a husband that can knit


    Sooo cute!!

    This is adorable!!!! I want to make them. But there is a problem I can't knit I crochet, I even bought knitting for dumbies,I need a book for that to!!! :o( I am downloading this pattern and it will be a goal this year by golly!!!

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    'I don't know if this will help, but this is a link to a video of baby crochet converse, and on the side it has the written instructions: (by the way, I did not make this video, I can't crochet very good) Hope it helps!

    I found "Stitch and Bitch" to be a really helpful book for learning knitting techniques. The author has a really good way of explaining and illustrating.

    omg, I would love to knit some for my prego friend... she'd flip lol

    these are so cute - I went to the linked web site and downloaded the pattern right away!

    These are awesome! I saw baby Converse shoes at Journey's, but these are so much better/cooler!

    Those are adorable!
    I'm forwarding them along to some expecting friends. Nice job!

    Cute! I like it, and my shoes are bigger. ;-) By the way, can you post more pictures? I would like to see more, these are awesome!