There's nothing cute than babies in costumes. Check out this amazing collection of DIY baby costumes and just try not to say "Awwww....." Use the step-by-step Instructables as helpful guides in making costumes for your little sweetikins, and garner "awww"s all around town.
Baby Elvis Halloween Costume style
Please welcome to center stage, Babbbbbbyyyyyy ELVIS!!!!!!! My wife made this Elvis Costume sewn by hand on her $20 Singer. Of course, I saw this contest after she made it, so all I can show is the ou...
Baby Care Bear Costume style
What do you do with a baby-sized Care Bear? You skin it and make a baby-sized Care Bear Skin Coat, obviously! Whether you use this as a costume or as instant toy store camoflauge, you're going to ge...
Yoda Costume for Baby style
There are lots of Star Wars costumes out there for babies. But they are expensive. Also, they're this one.  And it's more fun to make your own. The hardest part about making a baby costume...
Baby Princess Leia Costume! style
My friend and her husband wanted a Princess Leia costume for their daughter. She's a few months old and teeny tiny, and they couldn't find any costumes small enough for her. So here we go!Obviously no...
My Little Flower Pot style
My 3 year old wanted to go trick or treating and I could not say no. My newborn was born a month ago so I came up with this flower pot costume. I dress up my baby as a flower and the baby carrier as t...
Happy Mutant 3-Armed Baby Costume style
This year we were a Nuclear Family for Halloween, with our 4-month-old daughter Corvidae dressed up as a 3-armed happy mutant.While we wanted to be subtle, this was almost too subtle - she wore the co...
Baby Viking Costume style
GeekBaby is a viking this Halloween. I'm really satisfied with his costume, it looks great. Sort of a combo between authentic and fictional attire. I knit the hat from a kit available from BellaKni...
Infant Pumpkin Costume style
Carve Jack-O-Lantern Cut larger than normal hole on top, and two small holes on bottom of pumpkin Insert child in plastic bag (much to horror of onlookers) Place child in pumpkin, smillin...
Baby Tron Costume style
For my son's first Halloween, I decided that he would be a "Hello World" program with a costume inspired by the movie Tron. The Tron costume uses reflective tape and electroluminescent wire (El-wire)....
Tintin's Rocket costume. Disfraz de cohete de Tintin. style
In this instructable I will show you how to make, in an afternoon, an easy costume-bag with no complications. En este intructable os enseñare como he hecho en una tarde, un sencillo saco-disfraz para...