A fun printed baby doll style tube top screams sexy comfort.
Very Cute! I will have to try making this
I have to comment again, because I just LAST NIGHT learned how to use a sewing machine, and I'm pretty sure I can already make some of the stuff you've shown. Thank you!
Great idea!<br /><br />Although I think it could be made better by stretching the elastic more around the breast and less under the arms and around the back.
I agree, it looks a little too voluminous under the arms and the back. <br />
This is really cute! Very simple, too. I think I'll be doing it today. :D
Traduciendo lo que el anterior comentario quizo decir : ESTAS BIEN BUENA ! , tu ropero debe ser impresionante.....pasaria feliz el resto de mi vida viendote probarte tu ropa .....soy tu admirador
your hot... :)

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