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How to make a cute lined baby dragon cape for your favourite child. This Dragon cape was made for my daughter's best friend, for her 4th birthday. It went over really well, particularly with the cold snap we had.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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For this dragon cape, you will need:

-At least one and a half yards outer material, such as fleece
-equal amount of lining material (optional but it will be warmer)
-measuring tape, parking pens, scissors, sewing accoutrement, iron
-Polymer clay
Sculpey air dry glaze
-paint tray, xacto knife, paint brush, cornstarch or talcum powder
-fine gauge craft wire, needlenose pliers
red ridinghood gone BAD
hugpete5 years ago
I made one of these over the past two days. But not for a kid, for myself, and just in time to go out with my nieces for Halloween.  Thanks so much for the info!!  The instructions were very good. The only bit of data I wish I had had was the dimensions of the eyelid piece; mine came out a little big.  It still looks cool though. :)  Thanks again.
This is a wonderful Tutorial!!  Thank You!!

canida5 years ago
This is beautiful! I especially love the way you made the eyes, even an eyelid. Fantastic job - I want one!!!
StrangeGroundsCoffee (author)  canida5 years ago
Thank you. It means a lot to me that people like the 'ible and its clear enough- I am very, very bad at explaining things so really it took longer to write the instructible than it did to do the sewing. .
wocket5 years ago
fantastic instructable! thankyou!
line1915 years ago
I love that she is the princess and the dragon at the same time :-D
Aww, that is adorable! I would have loved this when I was a kid. Thanks for the fun idea, I'll be linking to this.
Thank you, and everyone! I am definitely going to try and do a video 'ible next time I have something interesting to show and tell.
morganaross5 years ago
That rocks! I'm so making one for my kids' dress up chest!
bruno130695 years ago
That is adorable! Very well detailed I-ble!