Picture of Baby Food Jar Oil Lamp
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Step 1: Oil Lamp Body

Picture of Oil Lamp Body
A baby food jar with a small copper wire holder holding the wick up to the top of the jar.

Step 2: Chimney

Picture of Chimney
A baby food jar with the bottom cut off with a dremel and a toilet paper tube with holes punched in it and slid into the top.

Step 3: Wick

Picture of Wick
To make the wick I cut the seam off a scrap of cotton cloth and dipped it in salt water. Then it sprinkled salt over it and let it dry. Then once dry rub all the salt off and use as wick.

Step 4: Camping Stove as Well?

Picture of Camping Stove as Well?
The lamp so far works very well and is nice and compact so one could bring it camping. Feel free to comment :)
Indestructibility Man (author) 2 years ago
In my experience it helps the wick to burn slower and make less smoke.
GrissleFist2 years ago
What is the purpose of the salt on the wick?