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Making Baby Groot was extremely fun for me and you would love it too. You will need
.paint, black green and brown
.a planting pot
.hair rollers
.mop head strings
.normal string
.super glue
.small balls (BB's, marbles, beads, or what ever will work for the eyes)

Step 1:

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Start with the hair rollers and the pot. First place the hair rollers inside the pot with Styrofoam, dirt, or whatever you would like as the base. Make sure It is sturdy. I used styrofoam and it worked pretty good.

Step 2:

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Then take the wires or pipe cleaners (both work) and wrapped it tightly around the hair roller where you want the arms to be.

Step 3:

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Cut the mop strings into smaller pieces and use super glue to keep them on the hair roller. Make the strings into a tree-like shape following a specific pattern.

Step 4:

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Wrap the strings all over the rollers and the arms. Make sure they are tight and on securely. If they are not the painting will be a wreck. Once they are on tightly you can begin to paint!

Step 5:

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Use smaller brushes for this step because of the mop strings. Using a small brush will get between the strings and the paint will cover more. I used layers of black brown and green.Int the brown on first and add green and black in smaller places acting as plant life.

Step 6:

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While the body is drying, sculpt the head using clay that will be hardened by the oven. Sculpt a small tear drop sort of head and roll some clay into long lines. Cut the long lines and add them on top of the head. Smooth the clay on the head with your finger so the head looks more precise and detailed. Make sure there are eye sockets for the eys.

Step 7:

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After sculpting the head, bale it for 15 minutes at 275 degrees F. Paint the head the With black brown and green. After it is panted and dried, place the eyes in the sockets.

Step 8:

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Attach the head to the body and your all finished! You can add some fake grass onto Groot or on the pot. Hope you had fun!


SSNick (author)2014-12-27

hmm that nice but... this is minecraft contest :P xD

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