Picture of Baby Hands Christmas Wreath
This wreath makes the best present!  Especially for grandmothers!  A handprint craft that is also sophisticated and beautiful. 

I used this to commemorate three children's hand size one Christmas, they were ages 3 years, 18 mos. and a newborn.  It could be for just one child and all one color, or you could still use different colors and make smaller wreaths, one for each child, etc.  It's really open for your personal touch.  I made the hand templates a couple of ways.  For the older two, we traced their hands on card stock and cut them out to make the templates.  For the newborn (or for less cooperative little ones of any age) I approximated the tracing from a handprint made with an ink pad.  I used three different shades of green felt that I thought looked nice together.  The darkest green was for the oldest grandchild, the middle one got the bright green and the newborn (the only boy) got the lightest and most contrasting shade.  I checked out a couple of different craft stores, as they actually carried very different color selections of sheet felt.

This even works when you can't get to all the kids in person.  You can have someone trace or print the child's hand and mail it to you, so all the babies are represented!


styrofoam wreath (I used a 12" one)
green felt
pointy little scissors
green yarn
hot glue & gun
ball tipped pins
sawtooth picture hanger (optional)
decorations of choice (optional)
green thread (optional)
sewing needle (optional)
squeeze paint (optional)

I didn't get pictures of the process, so they're all of the finished wreath, but I hope it's still clear enough from my instructions!
themoose642 years ago
This could be a good decoration for a classroom. You could have every student have their hand on the wreath and maybe have them decorate it to. Nice project.
QueenPinky2 years ago
Cutting those itty bitty hands must have been torture! lol. This is a gorgeous and simple craft! Thank you for sharing.
selahestelle (author)  QueenPinky2 years ago
it was a little torturous, but if you space it out, not too bad. Thank you so much!