Baby Hats


Introduction: Baby Hats

This is a collection of baby hats which I made to donate to one of my local hospitals on the behalf of an organization called Carewear. These little hats are a great opportunity to practice new techniques and to give to a great cause.



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    I just love the hats. Nice variety. Thank you for including the directions at the bottom as I am planning on making some for an orphanage. Great slide show too

    they are lucky babies.

    What a great idea! Small projects really are such a great opportunity to try new things out and I think it's awesome that you donated them :-)

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    Its so much fun to donate these, they knit up so fast and go to such a great cause. I make hats in a range of sizes including ones for premies. The last thing a parent of a premature infant should have to worry about is going out to find hats and booties that fit. I'm currently working on writing the pattern for the christmas 2007 hat and I hope to have it be avaliable through Carewear

    It might have been nice had you given instructions for making them...

    Nice job, they look cute, I like the one with the snowflakes on it. :-)

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    Thanks, that was by far the hardest one of the bunch!