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Introduction: Baby Minion

This is how to make a baby minion. They are cute and make great gifts or key chains.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
About 28 yellow rubber bands
About 30 other color (you choose)
5 black rubber bands
1 goggle eye
2 clips
Strong glue (I got mine from dollar tree)

Step 2: Place

Make sure your arrows are facing you. Start on either side. Double the bands when you put them one. Only put three in a row. In the middle put down five (still doubling the band). On the other side put down three (double it). Then with your other color put five rows on both sides, doubling. In the middle only add on three, doubling.

Step 3: Triangles

Make upside down triangles.

Step 4: Looming

Loom each row forward.

Step 5: Taking Off

Bring both sides to the middle. Put a yellow band in the middle. Put a clip in it then pull off.

Step 6: Goggles

Make a basic chain (in earlier instructable) and seal it with a clip. Glue the eye on the middle of the goggles.

Step 7: Tada

Tada, now you have a cute key chain or a gift.



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    You can buy clip separately

    Oh, that makes sense and thx

    Kool, bet they look amazing. :) :) thx

     yes you can use any color because I made my brother an orange, green, and white minion.

    Yes you can use any color. Someone I know made a pink and blue one. Ninjachimp, why cant you make one

    I have the rubber bands but can't make them!