Baby Mobile From Recycled Parts - Bun Steamer Version!




Introduction: Baby Mobile From Recycled Parts - Bun Steamer Version!

There's no need to pay a lot of money for a baby mobile, just make sure nothing will fall off and they can't pull anything off!

For this version, we'll use an old bun steamer for the frame. Feel free to use anything sturdy enough to tie things to!


- Bun steamer
- Yarn or cord
- Dangly things

Step 1: Tie Things to Your Bun Steamer

Grab some yarn and tie it on to the underside of the bun steamer.

Step 2: Disperse Your Danglies

Fluffy animal keychains, reused toys, vintage action figures, flowers, whatever is aesthetically pleasing and fits your theme.

And don't worry, your baby will just fine without unproven, Baby Einstein-style, neurocognitive stimulation while it's sleeping.

Step 3: Hang It!

Our photographer friend used some lesser-used tripod equipment to mount the mobile as well as a foscam wifi cam for a baby monitor (they're great!).

This could be the most important part of the project from a safety standpoint. It is imperative that these dangly choking hazards be kept out of baby's reach and will not fall on their head. Use appropriately rated wall or ceiling mounts, approved crib mounts, or other common sense method that will be safe!



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