Four of my friends just had babies this past month.  Of course this means it's knitting time!  I thought that knitting a baby hat would be easy - just take an adult size hat, and scale it down, right?  So I set to work, and made something that was way too small - apparently newborn heads are larger than I thought.  Fail #1.  My second try was more or less the right circumference, but was too deep and didn't stretch much as I used a very heavy textured yarn.  Fail #2.  Third times a charm, and this one came out perfect.  Now that I've got it down, this super adorable hat is a pretty quick project for any expectant parents out there, and can easily be sized up for kids and adults.

Step 1: Supplies

You can use whatever yarn you like, but I recommend not using anything too bulky unless you are using very large needles, as you'll want your hat to have a lot of stretch.  I also prefer natural fibers for blocking purposes. 

I used the following:

- Lion Brand organic cotton yarn, with scraps of white for the eyes and orange for the beak.
- Size 9 double pointed needles (you may want to use a different size depending on what yarn you use)
- Crochet hook (not super important what size, I used an F)
- 2 buttons for pupils
- Heavy thread to attach pupils (buttons) to crochet white eyes
- Large eyed needle, big enough to thread yarn through for attaching pieces to hat (not pictured).  You could do this with a crochet hook too, but I found it much faster to do it with a needle.
This is too cute! Also, I would love an adult size!
do you have the pattern for an adult size one of these? i would love to make it except i don't know any babies!

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