Introduction: Baby Pie Hat

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A less messy way for a baby to wear their pie.  This hat has a hat crown diameter of 5 inches and a height of 7 inches. It should fit a baby around 5-6 months. 
Stitches- double crochet, chain, bobble, slip stitch, joining colors
Size hook- 5.50 mm 
Yarn colors- red and light brown
Other- scissors and a yarn needle. 

Step 1: Making the Ring

Picture of Making the Ring

With the red yarn: Chain 4 and then slip stitch in the first chain to make a circle.

Step 2: Beginning the Rows

Picture of Beginning the Rows

Row 1: Chain 3 and then double crochet 10 stitches into the ring.

Step 3: Row 2

Picture of Row 2

Row 2:Chain 3, bobble stitch, chain 1, dc 2 in next stitch, bobble stitch, chain 1, dc 2 in the next stitch, etc.

Step 4: Row 3

Picture of Row 3

Row 3: Chain 3, bobble stitch, 1 chain, 1 dc, bobble, 1 chain, 1 dc, etc.

Step 5: Row 4

Picture of Row 4

Row 4: Chain 3, dc, dc, bobble stitch, chain 1, dc, dc, etc.

Step 6: Measuring Hat Crown

Picture of Measuring Hat Crown

Hat should measure 5 inches.

Step 7: Joining Colors

Picture of Joining Colors

Join colors, chain 3 and crochet 1 dc in every stitch making a slip stitch at the end of each row and beginning each row with a chain of 3 until you get your desired length.  I stopped at 7 inches.

Step 8: Making the Pie Crust

Picture of Making the Pie Crust

Chain a chain long enough to fit the circumference of your hat and chain a few extra stitches.   At the end of your chain turn and bobble stitch in every stitch.  

Chain about 8 more chains that are about  5-6 inches long.

Step 9: Final Touches

Picture of Final Touches

Sew in the chains to make it look like a lattice crust.  after sewing in the chains sew in the bobble stitched chain right underneath where the red stitches ended to make it look like the crust. 


This is so cute!


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-03-15

That is so adorable! I don't think I've ever seen a hat like this before :) You should consider putting that second image first, you can really see the pie-y details!

lakej (author)Penolopy Bulnick2014-03-15

Alright i'll do that :) thank you :) wasn't too sure how to make it at first but once I got the idea I went to work :P

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