Hello everyone, i hope you understand the most. My english is not so good, but i will give my best but i will get better to explain my ideas. Thank you. :D I've made this pillow for my youngest son. He love the little lablesigns in the clothes or on the toys. I had the idea to make him a pillow with different lablesigns, that he can feel different textures.

Step 1: You Need

- sewing machine - iron - Fabric for the pillow (i used grey fabric) - Ribbons and fabric in different colors for the lablesigns - Thread in different color - filling material (i used little foam material parts from an old pillow) Optional: - Twin-Needle for the sewing machine - Fabric-Color (i used Marabu Nr. 091 and 264) - Felt for the textile stamp (i used a old tape to stamp the motive)

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