My friend and her husband wanted a Princess Leia costume for their daughter. She's a few months old and teeny tiny, and they couldn't find any costumes small enough for her.

So here we go!

Obviously not a exact replica, but modifications were made to make it easier for them to dress and undress her in case she was feeling fussy! I left off the sleeves and made the dress more like a robe.

My coworkers loved it, I hope you guys do too. :D

Step 1: What You'll Need!

You'll need a hat that fits the baby, along with a loose fitting item of clothing. These will help you make the pattern!

You'll also need brown felt or fleece, white cloth of some sort - preferably quilting cotton or linen, and some gray/silver felt for the belt. :D

Also all the basics, of course, sewing machine, thread to match, etc.
The baby is so cute.
Very Nice way more taste than the "caught by Jabba outfit" that I saw on a 2 year old
that's freakishly funny...now she needs a little yoda buddy as well...though i find people tend to frown upon painting babies green
It's true. They frown even more when you cover the baby in green pantyhose. :P
 let them frown. we need a baby Yoda.
Pretty slick!
No, slick would be a baby Lando costume! BEST IDEA EVER
<feels good about giving someone a good idea, however inadvertently>
Such a cute costume! Love it!
awwwww, thats so cool !
that is sooo freakin cute!!! it makes me wanna have another baby girl!

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