Step 9: Make the Buns!

You'll want to cut out two long rectangles for these. You'll use the brown felt/fleece for these!

I used two rectangles that were 5x18 inches. You just fold them in half so they're 2.5X18 inches, and them begin rolling one end and sewing it as you do so.

I used whipstich to connect the end to the roll.

Once you have the "playdoh snake" looking bits done, make them into spirals. After I had them spiraled, I put pins in them to keep them together as I sewed the backs.

I just haphazardly sewed the layers of the spirals together. Nothing fancy. Just make sure the outside end lays as flat as possible, and none of the layers are separating!
The baby is so cute.
Very Nice way more taste than the "caught by Jabba outfit" that I saw on a 2 year old
that's freakishly funny...now she needs a little yoda buddy as well...though i find people tend to frown upon painting babies green
It's true. They frown even more when you cover the baby in green pantyhose. :P
 let them frown. we need a baby Yoda.
Pretty slick!
No, slick would be a baby Lando costume! BEST IDEA EVER
<feels good about giving someone a good idea, however inadvertently>
Such a cute costume! Love it!
awwwww, thats so cool !
that is sooo freakin cute!!! it makes me wanna have another baby girl!

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