Baby Raggedy Ann Costume





Introduction: Baby Raggedy Ann Costume

This easy Raggedy Ann costume was easy and fast to put together.   The wig is made from a store-bought red baby beanie with strands of thick yarn tied into the holes.  I trimmed it like I was giving her a haircut!  The bow is a regular store-bought clip-in bow.  The dress, striped tights, and shoes were bought at a second-hand children's store.  Any blue dress will do.  The apron is a simple rectangle with a string of elastic and ribbons as straps.   The bloomers are made from a basic pajama pattern, shortened with elastic added to the bottom.  Super easy, super adorable!



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    For this wig, I started by looking at this tutorial: I did not do it exactly the same way, but I started with the same idea. I did buy one of those crochet baby beanies! It was red, so you can't see it underneath. I gathered the yarn in bundles like the tutorial shows. Then just used my best judgement to place the bundles on the hat. I used a paper clip to pull them through then just tied underneath. I added more bundles than in the tutorial because I wanted it to be very, very full. At the end, the yarn was all in different lengths, so I cut it like I was giving her a hair cut! Hope this is helpful!!

    Thank you very much! How many yarns did you end up using and brand? Thanks again

    I honestly can't remember what brand it was, but I know I used about one and half packages. It was a thick, fluffy yarn.

    How is the wig done? Did you buy a knit hat or one of those crochet hats? If the crochet hats did you just loop around in the same fashion as you would tie tutus I'm making my 11 month old this I just need help with the wig and applying the yarn to the hat.

    that is soo cute she looks so sweet in it, :)

    Thanks guys! I was inspired by some adorable wigs I saw on etsy. Had to try it myself. I got a little carried away and ended up with a halloween costume 2 months early! haha

    She looks adorable in that costume! What a nice idea :)

    Oh! I used to have Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls! That is so adorable!