Picture of Baby Space Invader Hat
This pattern fits a 6-12 month old baby.

Step 1: Materials

Black and white yarn--I used Cascade brand 220 Superwash (100 grams/3.5oz 220 yards)
Size 8 (US) circular needles
Size 8 (US) double-pointed needles
Three stitch markers

The gauge is 1.5 sts for 1 cm, or 15 sts for 10 cm.

clunymph6 years ago
thanks for an awesome instructable. here's a pic of my husband and son in their space invaders hats.
Photo 219.jpg
tracy_the_astonishing (author)  clunymph6 years ago
Wow!!! How great! Can I have permission to put this on my knitting blog?


Here's two more of the same hat that I took with my camera.
soooo cute
sure, go ahead! neat blog.
Awesome. =)
X-mind3 years ago
Is there an instructable on this project for beginners? I really wanna make this hat!! please, anyone!
Great pattern Gonna make one for my new nephew. I went ahead and made a Pdf of the charts and i thought i woud post it for you all to use too.
thanks! it's really useful!! i will start this project today :D
omnibot4 years ago
Nice pattern. Currently knitting an invader tribute-jacket.
that's cool. I just crocheted a space invaders scarf for my friend. It has a section of the space invaders screen on one end, and the atari logo on the other end.
electrette7 years ago
Has anyone made this hat for an adult? I am about to knit it for a baby, but a grown-up friend is very jealous. Please let me know if you have a pattern for larger sizes. Thanks so much for the pattern. I can't wait to finish the hat and give it to the parents! They will love it.
I have made a grown-up version, but I haven't posted the pattern. Or even written it down. I'd like to make an instructable about how to design your own space invaders hat, actually. It's on my to-do list, but I never have time!
canida8 years ago
Oh yes, this looks awesome! Now I just need to find a geeky-enough friend with a baby.
Honus canida8 years ago
Perfect for my little guy! He promises he won't get his lunch on it...... :D
canida Honus7 years ago
I'm not sure I believe him!
Scurl!8 years ago
this is sweet, and i'm going to make one for my daughter....but first i'm giong to learn to knit. from the looks of this....it's complicated. but worth it.
don't be worried about learning to knit - if you're good at repetition and following instructions, knitting is pretty easy once the hand motions are down.
i'm excellent at both those, AND at hand motions. (i could get myself killed in at least 5 different gang territories!) so this should be a breeze. i'm buying the appropriate needles and yarn tomorrow, so we'll see how this goes. I've done alot of macrame and some crochet...it's just the technical talk in step 3 that got me worried LOL
tracy_the_astonishing (author)  Scurl!8 years ago
The awesome thing about knitting is that it is a lot easier than it looks. For a first project, try making a hat on circular needles that is all one color or just stripes (very easy), then move on to patterns from there.
Need it, want it!
So, um, when does the adult version come out?
I found this very cool design for a grown-up size Space invaders hat by a certain Vinny.

I'm doing one for a 6-year old this week, so You'll probably have to wait at least two weeks for grown-up size.
Yeah, really!
Kiteman8 years ago
This looks good, but I can't knit, so I showed this to SWMBO, and she likes it. Good enough for me.
macdadyabc8 years ago
wow, thats pretty friggin sweet.i would make one but i cant knit or crochet or whatever it is. looks good though