With the birth of my brother’s children, I had a memory lapse of my own children’s statistics when they were born.  That was a sad reality as those precious little beings my husband and I created are probably the most important things in our lives.

I got the idea from Pinterest.  The original blog post for this idea is here: Baby Stats Subway Art.

This is one of those projects that I REALLY wanted to do, and even had it on my own priority list of projects.  When a particular challenge came up, I knew it was time to get these baby stats wall art projects done for my kids.

The toughest part of this project was getting the power-point print to fit on the piece of wood I purchased.  Fortunately for you I have attached the power point file, links to the types of font I used, and some tips throughout the step-by-step process I took to create these cool stats-art for your own children.

If you’ve got a handle on power point, and your computer savy enough to download new fonts, hopefully this piece of art work will be a cake-walk for you and all you have to do is type in your child’s birth stats and enter the info. 
If you don’t know power point well, I’ve tried to make the instructable as clear and simple as possible, BUT, you may run into a snag or two where I assumed that the person reading this knows how to use power point, “enough to get by.”

Either way, I hope you can use this instructable to get your own baby’s birth statistics done.

Step 1: Gather Materials, Tools & Equipment

8” x 10” wood piece; I purchased the one shown at Jo-Ann’s, but you can make your own if you have the equipment
OR an 8-1/2” x 11” piece of wood
(Optional) spray paint primer
white spray paint
white cardstock paper
acrylic sealer spray

Tools & Equipment Needed:
newspaper or other paper to cover your work surface
computer with Microsoft Power Point program
color printer – I have an ink jet
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush for mod podge
Flat scraping tool (I found the one shown in my husband’s tool box – I think it’s for ice on the windshield)
Sandpaper (optional) – I used 100 & 150 grain
Paper cutter or scissors (if your wood piece is 8x10 like mine)
<p>Great idea! I made it and love it! However I did mine a little different as I wanted mine directly on the wood so I used some image transfer ideas from <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-wooden-picture/" rel="nofollow">another ible</a> to arrive at my final result pictured. I also then finished mine up with a couple coats of poly to give it a nice shine and also protect it. Now just to hang it on the wall!</p>
<p>can you email me your PDFs you used I can't open. Smolder4@gmail.com</p>
<p>Yay! It's beautiful! I love the photo add! </p><p>Please look in your inbox for a little gift from me.</p>
hey cool idea. I am building a CNC mill as we speak. I think I might do something like this, but have the mill cut the letters into the wood panel. <br> <br>This would also look VERY cool as a laser-cut acrylic edge lit sign :)
I'm not a pro member, is it possible you can send it to me. I love the idea!! Thanks
Hi to everyone who is new to Instructables! <br>Welcome - <br>If you are not a &quot;Pro&quot; member, the site will not let you download a file. <br> <br>If you would like to become a &quot;Pro&quot; member, and you specifically came to this site for this file, email me and I will see what I can do. <br> <br>Thanks for visiting. <br>Deandra
Instead of signing up to be a pro member, sign up for a free account. I still couldn't,t get it to download the instructions, but at least I could get into other ideas!
I can not download it either, I sent you a message on here.
Thank you for emailing me and PLEASE let me know how everything works out for you! <br>=D
I tried as well. I signed up for the free ware but it wouldn't let me download the PDF file. Any suggestions?
Could anyone convert the PowerPoint file to a PhotoShop file?
If/when I have time I can do this :)
I don't know how to do that because I am not Photo Shop savvy, but it's a free file so you can do what you want with it. <br>I wanted to make it as easy as possible for someone else to re-create.
These look amazing! I love them! How's your font addiction? LOL. I have had that addiction in the past - from dafont.com :) I would probably use photoshop with this since I have it. I have never used Mod Podge before - it seems very popular. And I Have a question as I know nothing about doing this sort of thing. Would this also work if there was a printed photo of the kid on the cardstock?
I can't get to download either, it keeps wanting me to log on, I do, then it won't start the download:(
I can't get the pdf file either. It opens to another Instructable site and when I signed up for that, I still can't find your file :(
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cannot download pdf file
This is an adorable idea! And you never really grow out of seeing it :)
Thank you! I really can't take credit for coming up with the idea, but I am the first to do an instructable for it! That counts right? ;)
I love this SO HARD!!!
Thanks! You made me blush a little.
This is amazing.
Thank you! That means a lot coming from you!
Super super cute!
Thank you! =)
p.s. etsy shop x a million.

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