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This device helps adults to hold and support their infants without bending their backs. It also functions to minimize back strain on the child caregiver by eliminating back bending when holding a child who is a significantly different height. I made if because my nephew is just in this age and he wants (tries) to walk all the time. This is causing back problem that can be avoided using the baby walking belt. It is easy to make but it's necessary and important .

Step 1: Materials

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The baby walking belt is made of two sporty belts that i had.Here are the materials that i used

- wider belt - it is soft and goes around the baby
-smaller belt - i used it for the shoulder-straps, fastener and the handle
- buckle
- black thread
- scissors

Step 2: Fastening

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The first thing i had to do is removing the belt buckles. Than i cut two pieces of the small belt to make the fastening part of the device by sewing them to the wider belt . I bent the wider belt in two to find the middle and than to decide how big should the "ring " that the baby is suppose to be, be. Than i sew the new buckle that can be tighten up.

Step 3: The Shoulder Straps

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After that i started to make the shoulder- straps. i measured them to be about 30 cm. This was just enough not to be too tight or too loose. I bent the wider belt again to find the middle and sew the first end of the strap about 2 cm from it. The other end i sew on the opposite side of the belt, just before the fastening part. The same way i done with the other shoulder strap, forming a "x" when you look from above.

Step 4: The Handle

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As the black belt was too wide and not comfortable to hold i used part of the small belt to make a handle

Step 5: Ready for Action

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Becky Jane (author)2011-01-21

You can see my on your Baby Walking Belt post here:

Thanks, Becky Jane

Becky Jane (author)2011-01-21

Your Instructable is great! I would like to post it on my blog at:

I know my readers would enjoy the information. Let me know what you think.

Thanks, Becky Jane

hummer_head (author)Becky Jane2011-01-21

Ofcourse you can post it!! Glad i grab your interest!! Thank you!!

craftyv (author)2010-12-30

Very nice idea, but. The child learns by the very "act" of trying and falling. Unconciously re-assing and adjusting their movements to fit each situation. Part of this teaches "spacial reasoning" where you are in space and time. Short cutting this process is not beneficial to the childs developing brain. In fact they learn patience and tenacity by trying frequently. Having said all that I think the idea and it's execution was well displayed and a great use of pre-used items.
NOTE: I do hope you are not offended by my remarks as this was not my intention. They represent my opinion only.

hummer_head (author)craftyv2011-01-05

I didn't make a research before i make the belt and never thought about this seriously because i'm not a parent but i see that it's on the market and people use it. I'm not big fan of it and don't use it in the moment because i saw that holding with hands may be tiring but it's better for the baby

craftyv (author)hummer_head2011-01-05

Thanks hummer-head. I agree that they are available and yours is good, perhaps it can also be used as reigns, to prevent a toddler running off.

canida (author)2010-12-08

Excellent and easy solution to a common problem!
After a couple of months of running my daughter around on my fingers, I was ecstatic when she could walk by herself and I could stand up straight again.  (She was OK cruising on furniture, but really wanted to RUN at full tilt.)

hummer_head (author)canida2010-12-09

The time passes so quickly that in one moment they are only lieing and crying and in the next moment they are running around.

FightCube Technologies (author)2010-12-06

I tried all of the store bought "walking helpers" and the best thing I found was just putting my son up against the couch on one side and let him shuffle down to some toys on the other side. He developed his balance almost immediately. The walking helpers just don't let your child try to balance on their own. Another analogy would be, you can't learn to balance a two wheeler until you take the training wheels off.

it is true but in the early stages the kids have only the anxiety and not the opportunity to walk right way. My nephew wants to stay up all the time but he doesnt have any balance at all. He is tiping in any direction that the weight comands. So now the options are two- to use the belt or to hold his hand all the time.

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