The Baby bell ceeseh candle is just made out of a Baby bell cheese wrapper.And a few very easy to get materials.   

Step 1: Items

The items that you need are   
-Baby bell cheese wrapper  
-Lighter or Match's

Step 2: Making the Candle

Ok  first take the wrapper of the cheese. Now flatten the wax and place the string in the middle of the wax and shape the candle. Now cut of the extra sting and save it for another candle.  

Step 3: Light

light the candle and be careful and I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF ANYTHING HAPPENS LIKE IF YOU BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE.At the beginning when you light the candle it may crackle it may not. Please leave comments, subscribe and enjoy.
wow, someone got imagination!
Do I have to cut the cheese before making this? :o
lol<br /> i did this...<br />
cool, did it work?<br />
yeah, it's awesome! xD i hafta eat a lot of cheese to keep it going...
cool candle
hello<br /> <br />

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