Baby changing tray that fits on top of a bookshelf

Picture of Baby changing tray that fits on top of a bookshelf
Babies must be changed. Some folks like to change 'em around hip height. To be sure: you can buy a fancy changing table on which to bring about change. Or you can change your bookshelf into a stand for a tray on which change can naturally occur.  And when the baby is done with changing? Discard or donate your changing tray, and keep your bookshelf.

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Step 1: Measure your bookshelf, and procure your materials.

Picture of Measure your bookshelf, and procure your materials.
Your changing tray will be custom made to fit on top of your bookshelf. So you must measure its dimensions to know how much wood to get. 

Our bookshelf is 31 x 15 1/2 inches. So we procured some woods with which to build a tray that fits on it.

Our base is made of 1/2 think pine board, cut to a 32" x 16" rectangle - a wee bit bigger than the top of our bookshelf, so as to make for a not-too-tight fit.

The walls of our tray are made from 1/2" by 6" pine planks. Two six foot long pieces were more than enough.

We used some handy dandy corner braces that we got from the Home Despot (see pic), along with some wood glue and some longer skinny wood screws suitable for screwing the planks in at the corners.

Even though we are prejudiced against hippies, we still act like them sometimes. So we use natural untreated woods.

Step 2: Cut and sand the wood

Picture of Cut and sand the wood
You need to cut the bottom of the tray to a size at least 1/2" wider and longer than the bookcase it will fit upon. Then you need to cut the side planks - 2 long side ones, and 2 short end ones. These will surround the bottom. Sand the edges of the sides so they look nice.

If your wife is pregnant, consider exploiting her nesting instinct energy, and make her do all the sanding.