i made this for a friend. She wanted something to keep her baby warm this winter but she also wanted it to be an awesome 80's throw back. Hopefully you all liked the movie Gremlins.

Step 1: Pattern

I started by buying a pattern for a baby fleece suit and then I looked up some pictures of Gizmo for reference.

I noticed that Gizmo has white fur around his wrist, up the front in a strip, and on his legs.

I laid out the pattern I had bought and laid tissue paper over it. I traced out the original pattern and then I drew in the panels I needed to be brown. I cut the new panels out of the tissue paper making sure to include a 5/8" seam allowance.

After this I pined the pattern pieces to the fleece and cut the pieces out. 
<p>This is so great! Would you be willing to make one for my son and ship it? How much would you charge?</p>
No feeding after midnight. And don't get him wet! That's absurdly adorable.
This is SOOO Cute I love it!
I always wanted my own living and breathing Gizmo and now you showed me how! WOOT!
Haha! That is an adorable idea!

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