Introduction: Baby It's Cold Outside... Penguin and Polar Bear Cupcakes

Cute character cupcakes ideal for birthdays, Christmas etc.

You will need:

Tools- Circle cutter to cover the cake, 2x Number 1.5-2 piping nozzle, 2x piping bag (or grease proof paper piping bag), straight edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking).

Optional- Edible shimmer dust (snowflake)

Materials- Black, orange and white sugar paste and black and white royal icing.

Cover your cupcakes before you begin the tutorial.

Step 1: Polar Bear

Roll a large white ball of sugar paste into a pear shape.

Position your ‘pear’ on to the back of your cupcake. Roll a small ‘sausage’ of white sugar paste, fold either end upwards to make feet. Cut in the middle to make 2 legs.

Stand your legs up in front of the body. Mark vertical ‘toes’ using your modelling tool.

Roll 2 medium sized balls of sugar paste, flatten into a circle, flatten a small area (about 1/3) in the opposite (perpendicular) direction to make a foot.

Stick these on the side of the body and mark ‘toes’ with your modelling tool.

Roll a very small ball, stick on to the back of the body as a tail.

Roll a medium sized ball of white sugar paste into a pear shape to make the head.

Mark eye sockets with your modelling tool.

Roll 2 very small balls of white sugar paste, stick to the top of the head to make ears, mark the middles with your modelling tool.

Pipe on dot eyes and an oval nose in black.

optional- to make snow, turn sugar paste inside out with your fingers leaving a rough edge. Chop off the top, rough paste and stick to the cake. Dust with snowflake edible shimmer to add an icy effect.

Step 2: Penguin

Take care when using black sugar paste as the colour transfers easily. Wash your hands before using another colour.
Roll a ball of black sugar paste.

Roll the ball into a pear shape.

Pinch the bottom/back flat to make a tail.

Roll 2 very small balls of orange sugar paste, flatten.

Stick the orange ‘feet’ onto the cake, place your body on top. Mark ‘toes’ with your modelling tool.

Roll a cone of orange from a small piece of sugar paste. Stick this on as the beak, mark a horizontal line across the middle of the beak to form a mouth.

Make 2 small black cones, flatten them into wings.

Attach wings to the sides of the body, sticking out slightly at the back. Mark eye holes with your modelling tool.

Mark a horizontal line across the beak to make a mouth.

Pipe in whites and pupils of eyes.

Optional- to add snow, turn some sugar paste inside out with your finger tips. Cut off the textured part and stick to the cake. Add edible shimmer if required.

Have fun!

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Step 3:


momoluv (author)2014-04-22

This is super cute! Idk why people aren't looking at this!!!

cakesprite (author)momoluv2014-04-23

Thanks. Maybe it's just not the right time of year for penguins and polar bears. LOL. A lot of my other tut's are doing well... :S

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