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Introduction: Baby Shower Diaper Favor

This is a table favor/nut and mint cup was a standard favor for every baby shower my mother ever gave,and she gave a lot of them! She usually made them in pink and blue, but I choose green and yellow for these. My son said I could post it under his user name. Since I thought it was a neat and inexpensive favor and others might be interested in. This is my first Instructable. I would appreciate comments on this product and what you thought of the information presented.

Supplies needed for this project are:
Flannel - Lightweight - color of your choice
Brass safety pins- 0,00 size
Ruler or tape measure
Paraffin Wax- candle or canning
Knife and cutting board (for the wax)
Double boiler or two pans that fit together to make one
Spoon, tongs, foil or wax paper
Nuts and mints or small candies like M&M;'s

Step 1: Measure and Cut Your Fabric

First I cut the fabric into 6 in squares and then cut them on the diagonal to give me the triangles.
I then folded the the corners in to make a diaper shape, finishing it with a pin, to hold the corners together.

Step 2: Next Melt Your Wax and Dip Your Diaper

In a double boiler melt the wax. I didn't check the temperature of the wax, but you want it hot enough to be clear not cloudy but not so hot that you cannot handle the diaper when it comes out of the wax.

While the wax is melting lay a sheet of wax paper or aluminum foil on the counter to set your finished product on.

Lay the diaper in the melted wax. I used the tongs to pick up the diaper and let the excess wax drain off. Then I carefully slid my fingers inside to make the diaper into the nut cup shape. I then set it on the aluminum foil to cool. You may reshape as needed while it is cooling. I even leaned this one up against a pill vial to make sure that the back of the diaper stayed flat. (this was something I have never done before it seemed to work well)

Step 3: The Finished Product

I reshape them as needed and let them cool here on the foil. Then they are ready to fill.
I hope you enjoy making these old fashioned party favors, but hey.. retro is cool!!



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    I remember my Mom made these for a baby shower for my Aunt nearly 50 yrs ago. I'm giving a shower for a friend & was trying to remember how they had made them. Thank you for posting this and confirming some parts of my memory are still in tact ?. I had one thing to add, I didn't read all the comments but caught one asking about clean up. I'm wondering if you lined pot with wax paper prior to melting wax, then once cooled but still pliable, it would lift out easy peasy...yes/no?

    we just poured the majority of the wax out into a storage jar let the remainder harden until we could scrape it out the washed it in very hot soapy water, but the wax paper sounds like an idea worth trying.

    I still love this great baby shower tutorial. It's my absolute favorite!

    I had a great idea that I wanted to share. Instead of using wax, you could get some heavyweight fusible interfacing (available at any fabric & most craft stores CHEAP) using some really cute decorative cotton fabric and fuse the interfacing with your iron to make the fabric stiff. I'm not sure how well this will work but I am going to give it a try this week and I'll be back to let you know how it turns out.

    this might be a stupid question but how do you clean the wax from the pan after?

    wait for it to harden and cut the majority of it out then wash with very hot water to get the residue out

    Thanks!!! I'm making them next week and I cant wait. I'll let you know how it goes!

       I just thought Id share an Idea, I used a regular size recieving blanket,and folded it half way and shaped it into a diaper with a pin. You can use it to put your favors in it. No need to use wax, it stands up great, and this way the recieving blanket can be washed and used for baby.

    This is the BEST and most unique baby shower favor I have ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing and especially the step by step instructions. I can't wait to get started!!

    This diaper favor is absolutely cute. I bought this favor two years ago on Ebay. I have been looking for it for a while. I make baby shower favors and a customer came into my store recently to order several of these favors. Does anyone know where I can buy the diaper at? Unfortunately , I don't have the time to make them due to my diaper business. I have a picture of the favor.

    Has anyone tried spray starch instead of wax?  What are your thoughts on that?