Picture of Baby shower diaper favor
This is a table favor/nut and mint cup was a standard favor for every baby shower my mother ever gave,and she gave a lot of them! She usually made them in pink and blue, but I choose green and yellow for these. My son said I could post it under his user name. Since I thought it was a neat and inexpensive favor and others might be interested in. This is my first Instructable. I would appreciate comments on this product and what you thought of the information presented.

Supplies needed for this project are:
Flannel - Lightweight - color of your choice
Brass safety pins- 0,00 size
Ruler or tape measure
Paraffin Wax- candle or canning
Knife and cutting board (for the wax)
Double boiler or two pans that fit together to make one
Spoon, tongs, foil or wax paper
Nuts and mints or small candies like M&M's
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Step 1: Measure and cut your fabric

Picture of Measure and cut your fabric
First I cut the fabric into 6 in squares and then cut them on the diagonal to give me the triangles.
I then folded the the corners in to make a diaper shape, finishing it with a pin, to hold the corners together.
techiediva2 years ago
I still love this great baby shower tutorial. It's my absolute favorite!

I had a great idea that I wanted to share. Instead of using wax, you could get some heavyweight fusible interfacing (available at any fabric & most craft stores CHEAP) using some really cute decorative cotton fabric and fuse the interfacing with your iron to make the fabric stiff. I'm not sure how well this will work but I am going to give it a try this week and I'll be back to let you know how it turns out.
dfoley47863 years ago
this might be a stupid question but how do you clean the wax from the pan after?
SWV1787 (author)  dfoley47863 years ago
wait for it to harden and cut the majority of it out then wash with very hot water to get the residue out
Thanks!!! I'm making them next week and I cant wait. I'll let you know how it goes!
dterzian3 years ago
   I just thought Id share an Idea, I used a regular size recieving blanket,and folded it half way and shaped it into a diaper with a pin. You can use it to put your favors in it. No need to use wax, it stands up great, and this way the recieving blanket can be washed and used for baby.
techiediva3 years ago
This is the BEST and most unique baby shower favor I have ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing and especially the step by step instructions. I can't wait to get started!!
This diaper favor is absolutely cute. I bought this favor two years ago on Ebay. I have been looking for it for a while. I make baby shower favors and a customer came into my store recently to order several of these favors. Does anyone know where I can buy the diaper at? Unfortunately , I don't have the time to make them due to my diaper business. I have a picture of the favor.
kholleyman5 years ago
Has anyone tried spray starch instead of wax?  What are your thoughts on that?
col19995 years ago
This is really cute!  I have what is probably a dumb question: whydo you bother with the wax at all?  Why can't you just put thecandy in as it is?  Especially if it's wrapped candy like Hershey'skisses, although I was thinking of using M&Ms.  I'm sure I'mmissing something here, so feel free to talk slowly and use small words. :-P
SWV1787 (author)  col19995 years ago
You could but the wax enables it to stay standing in an upright position
col1999 SWV17875 years ago

Ah-ha!  I knew there was a good reason!  Thank you!

boots25 years ago
I used your instruction for the diaper favor just last night. Here's a couple of things that might be of help to others. If you pin the diaper with the one point up first, then the left and the right, it seems to sit better when taken out of the wax. Also I used 1 lb of wax melted and was able to make 50 diaper favors with that amount of wax. It is certainly a very inexpensive way to make an adorable favor! The wax was $3.49 for a lb, and I maybe used 2 yds(probably less) of flannel pink and white check on sale 50% off for a baby girl shower coming up. Thanks!!
laurap6 years ago
It's been awhile since anyone posted, so I hope you read this. I thought your idea is great. I have a question for you. Do you think it would possible to make one of these for a chip bowl? I am throwing my daughter a co-ed baby shower and she does not want favors, so I was curious to know if this could be made bigger to make something like a chip bowl. Or is this something I would just have to try out? Just wondered if you may have possibly tried something like this or similar to this. Again, great idea.
SWV1787 (author)  laurap6 years ago
First of all Congratulations on the grand-child! I think a chip bowl would be very possible even though I have never tried it before. If you cut the fabric bigger and you may need a larger pot for the wax, you could just follow the same instructions and then you might need an extra set of hands to hold the diaper open while the wax hardens. If you made a smaller one for salsa just be sure to serve the salsa cool or the wax would melt.
laurap SWV17876 years ago
Thanks for the congratulations, it is our first grandchild and she due in July. We are so excited!!!! I made some of the ones you gave the instructions too, they are so cute, I have to try the bigger ones now. I made them to put powdered creamer and sugar, for all of us coffee and tea drinkers at the shower. I added plastic wrap after they were cool and you can't see it, but makes me feel better so no one can say it taste like the wax, I have a lot of complainers in my family. Again thanks for the great instructions.
bootsy79806 years ago
I was so glad to find these instructions. We tried to come up with a plan ourselves to make them, but your step by step with pics helped tremendously!!! Love them!
Great Instructable!

I like it, a lot.

And yes, I would like some of those nuts. (No, not those nuts....)
billien7 years ago
I don't think I am too keen to put lollies and things in a poop receptacle even if it is fake. Kinda likes serving m&ms in a potty, even if I was told the the potty was brand new I don,t think I would be to keen. On the upside you could use the diaper thingy for that holiday what's it called? Halloween? Yeah I think thats it, Put in some yellow gummy lollies [Translated = candy] and some chocolate logs [Giant hershy kisses would be cool]. The kids would love it#:)
canida7 years ago
What a neat, simple idea! I know entirely too many people having babies these days - it will come in handy. Thanks for sharing.