Step 2: Next melt your wax and dip your diaper

In a double boiler melt the wax. I didn't check the temperature of the wax, but you want it hot enough to be clear not cloudy but not so hot that you cannot handle the diaper when it comes out of the wax.

While the wax is melting lay a sheet of wax paper or aluminum foil on the counter to set your finished product on.

Lay the diaper in the melted wax. I used the tongs to pick up the diaper and let the excess wax drain off. Then I carefully slid my fingers inside to make the diaper into the nut cup shape. I then set it on the aluminum foil to cool. You may reshape as needed while it is cooling. I even leaned this one up against a pill vial to make sure that the back of the diaper stayed flat. (this was something I have never done before it seemed to work well)