Bachelor Pad Cooking Show - Ez Pizza (Episode 3)


Introduction: Bachelor Pad Cooking Show - Ez Pizza (Episode 3)

About: Changing my profile, this will be updated with easy cheap how to recipes. The name of the show is Bachelor Pad Cooking Show. I hope you enjoy it. If you like the recipes, remember to share it on your social ...

I'm an Australian, using an American pronunciation of E and Z = EZ = Easy. Ez Pizza Recipe. Make thin and crispy pizza for less than $2ea a pizza. We use cheap and unconventional ingredients to make this and tastes just as good, and feels like there is double the topping!

We have made it to our third episode! We haven't given up on this idea yet, and with three more episodes to go, we're going to hopefully present to you some cheap and easy food recipes for all you single people out there to cook good food without spending too much.



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