Bachelor's Homemade Powered Pepper Grinder





Introduction: Bachelor's Homemade Powered Pepper Grinder

This bachelors homemade powered pepper grinder is a cool idea i thought of using a black and decker cordless screw driver and some cheap pepper mills from aldi's.

Step 1: Making the Fittings for the Grinders.

Step (1) First thing i had to do was to cut off a length of pvc pipe

step(2) the outside diameter of the grinder was 1.77 thousands. The inside diameter of the 2 inch pvc pipe 1.61 thousands.

step(3) i had to bore out the tube to 1.80 so the tube would fit over the grinder with enough room for the epoxy to.

Step(4) I then cut (3) tubes to 1 1/2 inch long and epoxied them to the tops of the 3 grinders and left to dry.

Step 2: Ends Caps

step(1) i purchased (3) 2'' pvc end caps.

step(2) I drilled a 9/32s hole in the center of all three end caps

Step 3: The Power Source

step(1) i purchased a black and decker cordless screwdriver from walmart for $15.00.

step (2) I took (3) 1 1/2 flat washers and drilled out the center hole to 9/64ths of a inch. The i pressed in 3 cordless driver bits in each washer hole and tack welded them in place.

step(3) i then used 2 part epoxy to fill the bottom of the cap then pressed in the washers in each cap and let it harden.

Step 4: Oak Cradle

Step (1) I had a left over piece of red oak board laying around so i used that to make the cradle .

step(2) the first piece i had to cut was the board for the 3 pocket holes. 2 3/4 by 10 1/16 long.

step(3) i measured over and down 1 1/4 to mark out for my first 2'' hole. then measured over 3/4'' from the edge of the first hole then measured a 1 1/4 again for the second hole then repeated for the third and final hole.

step(4) next i cut a piece 3 1/2 inches wide x 10 1/16 long for the back. then cut a piece 2 '' x 10 1/8 for the front support.

Step (5) for the bottom i cut a piece 10 1/8 long x 5 1/2 inches wide.

step (6) the two sides i cut 2 pieces 6'' x 5 1/2 . Then assembled them with glue and screws .

Step 5: Video

Step 6: Finished



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    This is too much, you're a genius. I can't find a decent motorized pepper grinder without the requisite "gourmet" label on it which kicks the price up to the stratosphere. I do reuse my "disposable" grinders when empty by plunging them headfirst into a coffee cup full of microwaved hot water, this loosens the plastic enough so that wrapping it with a towel, I can pull it off, reload, and reuse.

    I love manly crafts like this! Great job!