Picture of Back Deck Pallet Chair

I made this chair in a couple of hours and it has been a great addition to my back deck!

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Step 1: Pallets

Picture of Pallets

It takes two pallets to make one chair. These are standard 4 foot pallets that I used.

Step 2: Cut and Remove

Picture of Cut and Remove

Cut one of the pallets in half. (I used a circular saw)

Remove the middle board on each side of the cut pallet. (You will need these pieces later so try not to break them!)

Step 3: Preparing the Seat

Picture of Preparing the Seat

Cut the pallet in half. Then cut out you seat angle. I use a 26 degree angle (measured from a chair in my kitchen) you could use any angle you like.

The left side will be the seat and the right side, with the angle, will be the back.

Step 4: Seat Assembly

Picture of Seat Assembly

Place the angled piece on the seat and use a long screw to hold in place.

Using a slat from the discarded half of the pallet (not the saved center pieces from earlier) insert it inside the seat for extra support. Cut the angle to match and then screw into place. Do this on both sides.

The seat is now complete! On to the arms!

Step 5: Arm Prep

Picture of Arm Prep

Cut the 2nd pallet in half.

Again remove the center slats to use for later!

Step 6: More Arm Prep

Picture of More Arm Prep

Cut the pallet in half again. Each one of these will be the arms of the chair. Add your saved slats onto the end of the cut pallet. The left side has the piece added. The sides shown are the insides of the arms that you will attach the seat to.

Step 7: Attaching the Arms

Picture of Attaching the Arms

Place the seat onto the arm. Make sure the added slat is the back of the arm. I placed the seat 7.5 inches from the bottom of the arm and sticking out 2 inches in the front. Screw the seat to the arm.

The second picture is a close up of the overhang.

Oh my, it's super cool! I love that it didn't take a ton of prep work! :)

This is really nice! You should enter it in the pallet contest