Step 4: Make Polar Bear Heads

Pinch off a small amount of white modeling chocolate and color it black.

To create a realistic looking polar bear head, pinch off about two teaspoons of white modeling chocolate and roll it in a ball. Shape the ball into a pointed oval. Pinch off a small piece of black modeling chocolate and shape it into a rounded triangle for the nose. Dab a very small amount of water on the back side of the nose and press it onto the pointed end of the bear's head. Pinch off two tiny pieces of modeling chocolate and roll them into balls and attach to the face for the bear's eyes. (I like to use tweezers for such small detail work. You could also just draw on the eyes with the food coloring marker, if you prefer.) Pinch off two small pieces of white, roll them into balls, and flatten them into circles. Pinch together the bottom of each circle to create a rounded ear. Dab the pinched bottom edge with water and press it onto the head. Make enough heads to go on all of your cookies.
<p>These are so charming&quot;&quot;</p>
Oh my how fabulous!!
What an AWESOME idea!!!! I'm going to make some of these for work, I'll keep ya posted on how they go over!
Have fun with them! I hope your coworkers enjoy them.
Wow. Amazing.
This is so cute!
so cute.i am definatley making these.added to my favs.thank you for posting this.
So very cute! I also love how you used fabric and what appears to be powdered sugar for the water background!
Thanks Roller Scrapper. The background is actually modeling chocolate that I rolled out into a large square then made bumps in it to look like waves in the ocean. I absolutely love how it looks and think I might use that technique for backgrounds for a lot of my sweets. I did indeed use powdered sugar to look like snow.
Wow that's food in the background?! Even more impressive!
These are so cute!
I saw these featured on the main page and my eyes were just drawn to them! They're not only cute but I got a laugh out of them too! <br> I wonder though, how hard are these to make? Could kids 7-11 years old make them with adult help?
Thanks Shadow,<br><br>I do think 7-11 year old kids could make these cookies. Making the polar bear decoration is much like playing with playdough. The toughest part of this design is making the tiny ears and eyes and I think kids, with much smaller hands than I have, will actually have an easier time of it than I did. I teach chocolate making and baking classes to kids and am always amazed at their creativity. I've had kids sculpt animals out of the modeling chocolate and they love it. While the kids' polar bear cookies might not look exactly like mine, each of their bears will have it's own unique personality and I just know the kids will love them because they made them themselves.<br><br>Have fun!
I am in love! These are such a fantastic idea! How inspired. Great job! I have never worked with modeling chocolate before either so I will have to look into that it sounds right up my alley.
Thanks mezcraft. It's nice to get such a positive comment from someone as talented as you. <br><br>Modeling chocolate is similar to fondant, but tastes so much better. I use it all the time to decorate sweets. The recipe is on my blog and I have detailed troubleshooting information to make it easy to replicate.
How can anyone eat those?! Theres a special place in PETA-hell for you ;-)<br>
Those are the most adorable edible polar bears I have ever seen! Beautiful idea for a cookie!
Thanks Penolopy, how nice!
How CUTE are these!?!
Thanks bajablue.

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