Step 4: Make polar bear heads

Picture of Make polar bear heads
Pinch off a small amount of white modeling chocolate and color it black.

To create a realistic looking polar bear head, pinch off about two teaspoons of white modeling chocolate and roll it in a ball. Shape the ball into a pointed oval. Pinch off a small piece of black modeling chocolate and shape it into a rounded triangle for the nose. Dab a very small amount of water on the back side of the nose and press it onto the pointed end of the bear's head. Pinch off two tiny pieces of modeling chocolate and roll them into balls and attach to the face for the bear's eyes. (I like to use tweezers for such small detail work. You could also just draw on the eyes with the food coloring marker, if you prefer.) Pinch off two small pieces of white, roll them into balls, and flatten them into circles. Pinch together the bottom of each circle to create a rounded ear. Dab the pinched bottom edge with water and press it onto the head. Make enough heads to go on all of your cookies.