Im going to show you how to make a Large but simple design horror maze (for halloween)

Here are the plans

Step 1: Preparing

Once I went round and gathered up loads of old fences and bits of wood I started Construction

The first thing I did was cut a wood grid, to make spikes so it would be stuck into the ground.

Then I got a STRONG piece of wood to make a ramp as I have a step in my back garden

Step 2: The Main Construction

Because I used fence panels putting it together was like a ready made pack. But I had to extend to 2 metres hight which was difficult I then made a frame to put tarpaulins over so that it could be like it is actually indoors except the outside part! After that I added the electricity (lights sound smoke)  Musnt forget a small prop in the form garden to let everybody know about the maze! For this I used a trampoline fram with a dummie and chair.

Step 3: The Finale

On halloween the maze was ready, the actors were raring to go and the audience were willing.
Here is a preview with as many lights on as I could do. It was rather dark in there.

Hope you enjoyed it more to come along with more tech stuff!!
we used fencing for a large part of this last years HAUNT, you can check it out here. https://www.instructables.com/id/2011-Haunted-House-with-help-from-instructables-po/ <br>Thank you for sharing your Home Haunt

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