Have you ever been driving through the desert of Las Vegas in the middle of summer, or the humid air of Florida in mid summer, or worse yet doing so to go out on a date or to a party just to get there and as you step out of your car, you realize that the back of your shirt is all sweaty and wet from the drive there? Nobody likes it when they got back swass (back and sweaty [butt] ). You dont like it, and especially the ladies hate it, so here is the the solution. The Back Swass Preventer! 

Step 1: Tools and Parts

The price to build this only cost me $1 which was the back rest, the other parts and supplies came from around the house. Only a few simple tools and parts are needed and very minimal electrical knowledge is needed being that there is only 2 wires involved and you got a 50/50 shot of getting it right. haha. 

  • The back rest $1 (bought from 99cent store) 
  • Zip ties
  • Electrical tape
  • A couple computer fans
  • scrap wire and cigarette lighter plug in
  • Wire Strippers
  • Wire snips

The whole build from start to finish took me only 20 mins so its a very easy project.

There's another project for a camelbak pouch (he puts it in a book bag) that I think would be perfect combined with this project. Hooking a tube to run through the pouch from the fan, perhaps in a coil for that little extra boost, while the camelbak is full of ice water would make for some extra refreshing anti-swass. It's very much like the cooler ibles but seems more convenient with the backrest (for one person anyway).
Thats a great idea. Its almost like a one person A/C for the back.
won't the fans get crushed or hurt your back when car goes over a ditch /speed breakers?
They'll stop spinning when they hit the back part of the seat but so far I havent had them break yet.

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Bio: I love building things, and I'm a twin, we both are electrical engineers and inventors. Feel free to ask anything else
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