Back to School Duct Tape Money Holder and Pencil Case





Introduction: Back to School Duct Tape Money Holder and Pencil Case

Here is a duct tape money holder and a pencil case, perfect for school, and to hold your money in To buy lunch keeps your pens and pencils etc.. Safe forever and zips perfectly.!!! :D ps. I really wish I had colored designed tape it would look way better, so then I wouldn't have to design it with a sharpie, but whatever :) if you guys do try it out on your own try getting colored tape for a great pencil case and money holder Sorry guys, that I couldn't show you how to make it, because when I finished making it I ran out of duct tape. :( comment if you'd like me to go get more duct tape and show you guys how to make it. But if you guys do try to make it your self, good luck :D and send me pictures!!!



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    Can you please please please show us how to make it your pencil case/purse looks so awesome

    And this is what it looks like when I decorated my pencil case. Since I didn't have designed duct tape. And I went over it with clear tape to make it not rip and laminated

    photo-2013-08-13 12:38 PM.jpgphoto-2013-08-13 12:38 PM.jpg

    Please show us how to make it!