Back to School Makeup Look



Introduction: Back to School Makeup Look

1. First as always i will prime my skin.

2. I then apply my foundation all over my face making sure if is all blended out. The one I am using is the Loreal inflammable.

3. I then apply my concealer. the one i am using is the dream lumi touch. I apply this under the eyes on my nose, forehead and chin.

4. I then set my face with my pressed powder.

5. I then bronze my face using the bonjour bronzing palette. I then also apply this the crease of my eye. This is great to help finish of your eyes.

6. I then fill in my eyebrows using the collection brow kit.

7. I then use a white eye liner pencil and apply this to my waterline.

8. Then apply your favorite mascara and lipstick.



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