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This has been the funnest Back To School Wardrobe ever!
And cheap too!
Prepare yourself for a photo explosion...seriously,
I should have divided this post up into 6 separate instructables!

Do you spend a ton of money on a new
Back to School wardrobe?
I get it, some schools have uniforms...and we homeschool...but
kids need something to wear when they go out and play...so
here is how we do our Back to School Wardrobe on a Budget! :)

Step 1: Supplies Needed:

Picture of Supplies Needed:
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Here's what you need.

We bought 20-30 at the DollarTree...so cheap!

Freezer Paper.
We bought a big roll for $6 at Walmart.
One side is shiny, the other side matte.  Iron the shiny side to the fabric.
You will use the Freezer paper as a stencil.  Cut the desired shapes...iron onto your shirt and paint!
Peel off and ta-da!

Fabric Paint...brushes
We had a bunch...you can use acrylic craft paint too...it's cheap!

Hobby knife.
Or a fancy cutting machine like a Silhouette Cameo.

Seriously, this is the only reason I own an iron.

This is so the paint doesn't bleed through to the back.
I use a flat rate box from the post office...

Ready, set, go!
LiveCrafts8 days ago

Oh, by the way, your kids are too cute!

ecsaul232 years ago
Very cool designs. You obviously have an eye for design. They do look professional. Where did you get the shirts for just $1?
doodlecraft (author)  ecsaul232 years ago
Thanks very much! I found the shirts at the Dollar Tree...some were labeled as "slightly irregular"...but none of them seemed to have any obvious problems! :)
thanks, I dont think Iv ever seen any shirts at the dollar tree

Yeah, me either. I live right across the street from one...:?

indywave2 years ago
Thank you so much
wow my kids will love this ! im guarenteed there will not be any matches in the class and its alot more fun for them then standing in the store while i hold clothes up to them lol
theflutekid2 years ago
I love these! Very nice job. Thank you so very much doodlecraft for sharing these.
theflutekid2 years ago
I. Absolutely. LOVE. The "Tools of the Awesome" Shirt!!!! That is mathMATical!!! So geeky and fantastic!
rmbeeson2 years ago
Love your Doctor Who designs! Thanks for sharing :)
I like the concept and the shirts look awesome but like The King Of Random, I'm not quite following the instructions. I've read and re read but am not picturing the step be step process as you describe it. Would you post some pics of the process please?
doodlecraft (author)  Maddoggbooks2 years ago
I'm sorry that it's hard to follow. I used a cutting machine to do the work for me. (anyone could do it without a cutting machine, but you'd need a cutting mat and x-acto knife). The basic idea is to cut out the positive space of the finished product you want. So...if you want a heart shape, you cut out a heart shape...discard the heart and keep the stencil. (then Iron on the stencil and paint the heart...then remove the stencil for a perfectly crisp heart) For more complicated images...picture them as an black lined coloring book picture. You are going to cut out all the "black" lines and keep all the negative space. This will fit like a puzzle (minus the black lines) onto your shirt. Ironing the freezer paper keeps it stuck in place...until you peel it off. That's where the pictures above come in. It's cheap and fun, so you might as well give it a try! (if I didn't just totally confuse you more!)
Here is another tutorial I did and posted on my blog.  It might clarify things better...
I say, just go for it!  :)
Mrballeng2 years ago
I marked this on my profile as one of my favorites. Really good work!
spystealth12 years ago
Wow! This is a great idea and definitely a great alternative to screen printing, especially when you just want a simple, cool, one time shirt with a little homemade touch. I like the designs and I'd like to know where you found them or how you designed them. I'd really like to make one similar to your Boba/Jango Fett silhouette one!
kretzlord2 years ago
Super awesome!!!!! i love doing stencil shirts and yours have a very appealing hand-made look. Love it. Did the kids enjoy making their own wardrobes?
doodlecraft (author)  kretzlord2 years ago
Thanks! Yes, my kids loved it! My son said..."I know I want a Star Wars, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, and dragon shirt"...after that it was easy! :)
Hey Natalie! You kind of blew my mind with this idea. I still don't quite get it, so I'll have to return and study it some more! Your shirts look super professional, I'm amazed!

I'd love to vote for you but haven't seen your project in the contest? Is it still pending approval?
doodlecraft (author)  The King of Random2 years ago
Hey King!
It's the magic of freezer paper...that stuff is awesome! One side is shiny, that's the side that sticks to fabric when you iron it. The rest is cake after that! :)
Try it--it's so fun! Make Janae something nice!
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even know what freezer paper is! haha. I'll look for it next time I go shopping.

Nice job on the office makeover as well! Everything looks so great and professional!
bg_askins2 years ago
I LOVE the Doctor Who shirts!
doodlecraft (author)  bg_askins2 years ago
Yes! We love Dr. Who!
These are just amazing! I love the way the R2D2 one is painted! And the one with the wand, staff, sword, and screwdriver just looks so good !
doodlecraft (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Yay, Thanks! I love the R2D2 one soooo much too! They survive the wash great too--yay for that! :) It makes me want to paint on every blank shirt and empty fabric surface I see!
Nat :)
angelabchua3 years ago
wow wow wow! Awesome i'ble, and really creative graphics!
doodlecraft (author)  angelabchua3 years ago
Thanks! We had the BEST time coming up with ideas! :) More to come for sure!
Nat :)
sunshiine3 years ago
Very nice! You make it look easy!
doodlecraft (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
Thanks! I am able to cope with a little discomfort when it comes to saving money! I wont pretend it wasn't time consuming...but we worked on them together and they got to pick what they wanted! It was a win-win! :)