Picture of Back To The Future Hoverboard
This is how you can make a simple but awesome BTTF hover board without wasting more than $1.
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Step 1: Paper Template

Picture of Paper Template
First download then print the paper template of the hoverboard.
Website: (will bring you to a pdf)


Step 2: Base

Picture of Base
Find a strong big piece of either cardboard or styrofoam. The paper will be glued onto this.

Step 3: Glue On

Picture of Glue On
Lastly, glue on the pieces of paper nicely onto the base that you are using.
If you want any extra details, some ideas you can put are 2 CDs on the bottom and a strap for your foot on the top.
Thanks for reading and have fun building!
This looks really cool :) can I just ask how big did you print it or what are the dimensions of the board?
Looks great! Nice job!