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Introduction: Back Yard Chicken Tractor

We built a Chicken Tractor so our chickens can be moved around to different areas of the yard or garden.

Step 1: Build Frame

we went with a crazy tee-pee design because we don't have a clue! Its my first home, my first chickens, and my first attempt to build something like this!

Step 2: Build Nesting Laying Box

we made each end a nest box

Step 3: Back Wall, and Lift Door Front

we made the back wall solid to keep critters out, added a lift door for front main entry, o and we cut off excess wood frame from top.

Step 4: Chicken Wire the Cage Part

chicken wire the bottom, must be racoon and other smart critter proof!

Step 5: Paint

paint the wood so it last longer, we used barn red from farm store!

Step 6: Move Some Chickens In

4 chickens could live in this but you got to move it often so they can forage, it fits over my raised garden beds, so i can have them work each box and fertilize it too!



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    Great idea, the only critters that wreck my chook houses though are my sheep!

    i like eggs but chickens are a nervous animal (the hens) the roosters like to peck and leg tackle your shins .. or peck your shin (or knee depending on size of rooster) -- .. collecting eggs is difficult when the dang hens want to lay on them to make chicks ... and u need to be fairly far from too many neighbors when the rooster crows, in the morning or all day long sometimes.

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    In Savannah, GA you can have up to 6 hens, no roosters, No setting problems and no irate neighbors, due to crowing.

    Good idea! We used to move our pen as the girls chewed up the yard. And once a year we fenced off the garden and turned them loose. :)

    I love this, thank you fot sharing. I too have chicken love.

    You're awesome. The chickens must be very happy!

    In the city of Myrtle Beach you can have 6.

    Hey, nicely done!

    I've wanted to get chickens for years... darn the city codes where I live!