This is an easy one. just add pictures to paint, size them how you want them to be! heres one of mine

Step 1: Topic

Find a specific topic you like...oviousley you can see what mine is.

Step 2: Idea

Get a bunch of pictures and load onto paint

Step 3: Customize

Then size and place them where you want. You don't have to place all the pictures so there isn't any white. I just wanted to.

Step 4: Just Weird!!

You can make you pictures look funny by inverting them...and all sorts of stuff.
If you were to make this skin, and somehow make the lightsabers translucent and placing like color lcds underneath (powered by usb?), that might look cool.
You want a comment, this one sucks like anything. God, go get Picasa its free. Besides, uhh man, I have to say this, my 3 year old cousin can make better stuff than this. Back to myself, I would appreciate it, if you would have done something different, something not so obvious. I am seriously not flaming you or anything. In my opinion, this might be a good thing to do, but you don't need an instructable to teach you that. Besides, as I already said, free software like Picasa can do this, and much better.
I like it, looks pretty cool!
<strong>COULD SOME ONE PLZ COMMENT!!!!</strong><br/>

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