Step 2: Software

Attached are the two pieces of software which you will need.
The .pde arduino sketch and the .py Python program.
Upload the sketch to your arduino.

Make a Twitter account and go to the Dev website. Register an application and note the codes given to you.
Run the Python program after having filled in the various fields to communicate with the Twitter API and the Arduino's serial.
Make sure you have the three modules installed (Twitter, Serial and Time). You can get some help about the installation of modules her e.

So, with this nice device now we are able to know when you're getting home and then after a few tweets, imagine, without too much effort, when your are getting out! So come on thieves, my house is emptyyy..!<br>Ok, this is a great project, but I'm always scared by this too invasive technologies! ;)
That is true. Although you could adapt this for more private communication. Send a text to someone when you get home.<br>Then again, I don't use this so...

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