Step 5: Fixing other layers

Picture of Fixing other layers
Your acrylic is now ready to be covered with other layers. Before you stretch the Rosco on the acrylic you have to put a 1mm spacer on edges of the screen to avoid the Rosco being directly on the silicone rubber. I personally use arborite which is 1/32 inch thick. This small air gap helps to avoid the Rosco from sticking to the acrylic.

The easiest solution I find out to this problem its tape, I used the best tape I found. For the simplest result you start by stretching the center in both directions horizontally and vertically and then you process to the outside in rotation. Go by small steps to avoid wave in foil. First you have to stretch the Rosco than your protective foil. I use to cut both exactly the same dimensions of my screen so it simple to tape it on edges and at the backside.

As protective foil I personally use Insulating film which are really thin and retract when you blow warm air onto it. I took the thicker of the 3 size. You have to stretch it using the same method as the Rosco and then you blow warm air from an air dryer to eliminate waves. My results with this product were awesome compare to those obtain with my previous vinyl which was too thick and hard to hold with tape. I suggest you to put some layers of tape around the edges of the acrylic to help other tape to hold.

m.kitchen6 years ago
Is it possible to put the projection screen on the bottom layer? This way you're touching the acrylic and not the rosco.
09wklaehn6 years ago
Christopher, I am at teh point of adding the screen in, thanks to your great plans I have been able to build eveerything else, but I am a bit confused on the placement of the rosco aabove the screen. Should I put the spacer along the 1/2 inch edge without silicon? and tehn put tapw o the sides and stretch the rosco? Thanks for any help, William!
So I have the LEDs in, and everything else, but you said in your post to never tape directly onto the Acrylic. I don't see how you can't? how did you attach and stretch the rescue without taping on the back of the acrylic. Sorry to bother you again, but thanks for all your help. Have a merry Christmas!!
Christopher Jette (author)  09wklaehn6 years ago
Yeah that's exactly it! after you tape your protective foil over this! Chris
junior23876 years ago
what is the silicon rubber for, and what do i use for protective foil and where do i find it? and i run electric tape on top of the black paint all along the edges? is to reinforce ir leaking in?
brute4x47 years ago
ok im quite confused on what this Rosco stuff is lol could you post a link on what it is or where to get it?