Back to School Fashion Tips





Introduction: Back to School Fashion Tips

Here are some get-noticed back-to-school fashion tips. ;-)))))

Step 1: 80's Style

If you want to get noticed you might as well wear something colorful. 80's works just perfectly!

Green Peace Shirt: Ransom Girl
Blue Skinny Jeans: Vigoss Amethyst Collection
Rainbow Shoes: Skechers
White Heart Hoodie: Unknown
Purple Skinny Jeans: Vigoss Amethyst Collection
Hightop Converse: Chuck Taylor Allstar (Laces not included)

Models: My sisters

Step 2: Goth

Another way to get noticed is Goth. Black, grey and other darkcolors makes you stand out in all the neutral colors.

Black Rocker Sandals: Trico
Black Tights: Justice
Grey and Black Shirt: Amy Byer (No picture)

Step 3: Preppy

Are you a person who wants to look smart but stylish? Preppy is just for you.

Black Ballet Flats: Xhilaration
Blue Flower Shirt: George
Jean Tights: Justice
Preppy Belt: HSM Walmart

Step 4: Additional Tips

Here are some more tips to help you survive school.

Step 5: Schoolbag Blues

Instead of a boring schoolbag, use an oversized purse!

Step 6:

Decorate your school supplies with singers or actors or even pictures of your crush! :-))))

Step 7: Locker Combination

Keep your locker combination taped in a notebook or something.

Step 8: White Out

Keep some white-out with you just in case.

Step 9: Post It Notes

It's always good to keep some post it notes in your school box. How else will you write notes to your friends?

Step 10: Highlighters

Get two or three highlighters in case the teachers want you to to highlight certain stuff different colors.

Step 11: Plain Notebooks

If you have a plain notebook, just stick pictures on it. That'll be much better.

Step 12: Colored Lock

Get a colored lock for your locker. It'll help you identify your locker easier.



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    Good job on all the fashion tips. You rock!

    Why would you put pictures of your crush on you supplies? Isn't that to easy for them and a lot of people don't know who their crush is before school, when they are decorating the supplies.

    why pictures of justin beiber???? really? why not idk, you and your friends, or puppies and kitties??? (incase you havent noticed, im not so much a huge fan of justin beiber...) other than that nice instructable ☺ 

    Goth is a way of life. Not caring caring what others think, liking yourself. Taking a look at the darker side of life. Goths dont always wear black. And can be happy.

    yes it doesn't matter what people think and i loooooooooooooooove the color black and wear it all the time but i also wear other colors. and i'm happy, my style is goth but not my personality.

    Ugh I hate Justin Beiber. Can't stand him. :/

    i HATE justin beber

    if you want to see a picture of a super hot good singer try looking up Andy Black or Gerard Way.