Picture of Back to School Fashion Tips
Here are some get-noticed back-to-school fashion tips. ;-)))))

Step 1: 80's Style

If you want to get noticed you might as well wear something colorful. 80's works just perfectly!

Green Peace Shirt: Ransom Girl
Blue Skinny Jeans: Vigoss Amethyst Collection
Rainbow Shoes: Skechers
White Heart Hoodie: Unknown
Purple Skinny Jeans: Vigoss Amethyst Collection
Hightop Converse: Chuck Taylor Allstar (Laces not included)

Models: My sisters
brendonl5 years ago
Good job on all the fashion tips. You rock!
conversegirl (author)  brendonl5 years ago
GraceB11 year ago

i find this offensive and bieber really?

I don't think your crush wants pictures of him/her all over your pencil and notebook.
DoctorBot2 years ago
Ugh I hate Justin Beiber. Can't stand him. :/
Acv2_012 years ago
Just to let you know now people know the combination to your lock
NOODLE!3 years ago
u like justin beiber, doncha?
You're a little late on the style of preppy. Preps wear short shorts (not to short), Over the shoulder tops, cami's, and boat shoes. Ya.
kaypgirl4 years ago
And then have trouble carrying all of your books. I've seen people do this so I guess it works, but I always thought it not the best idea if you have to carry multiple books for an extended period of time (and that is in your arms).
idk, I used a oversized purse through the last yr of elementary (here its grade 7,actually), and it worked out fine. that tote bag there may not be big enough though to hold all your books. mine was way bigger.
geekgrl50004 years ago
Just saying, but not many people nowadays are Bieber fans.
yeah, but most of the stereotypical highschool/middle school people (atleast here) , are. its sad but true.
Shame...your parents lied to you.....you look STUPID!!!1
why would you say such a mindless thing to someone who tries their best to be creative?!?!?! there is a "be nice" policy here y'know!
Because i can!
did you see it?
yeah I tried but it wouldn't open. I'll try it again now.
conversegirl, try and see my slideshow called my drawings and paintings
1 - fail on the fashion 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iShIl5YKfsU
mg0930mg5 years ago
Exactly how old are you? I think that you are going into a school that is not high school. Why? Well, unfortunately if you don't wear clothes that aren't brand name, you get made fun of. Part of the reason we are getting uniforms. If someone came in with a belt over their shirt, I can't help but laugh. The 80's isn't exactly 80's either.
JohnJY mg0930mg5 years ago
We just got a county wide uniform policy!
mg0930mg JohnJY5 years ago
Dang, we're getting hit with one, soon.
JohnJY mg0930mg5 years ago
It's stupid. Large, heavy cotton pollos in Florida, single color, must have a collar(sorry to be repetitive, but they really bold that), pants with no designs. So it's not as strict as some might be, but it's still just really impractical.
Hoooyyat5 years ago
Goth is a way of life. Not caring caring what others think, liking yourself. Taking a look at the darker side of life. Goths dont always wear black. And can be happy.
No offence, However, this doesn't look very much like an instructable, its more of a tipstrucable. x3 i came up with a new word! well. this doesn't really work out for boys/men. so, i give it a 3 of 5. because i am nice.
More of a slideshow.. ;)
puppiesrock5 years ago
why pictures of justin beiber???? really? why not idk, you and your friends, or puppies and kitties??? (incase you havent noticed, im not so much a huge fan of justin beiber...) other than that nice instructable ☺