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Introduction: Back to School Headband

This is how to make a nice headband for back to school. I'm ten and it makes a good project

Step 1: Recycle Old Clothes

1. Cut up a pair of PJs or other old clothes:

Step 2: Make a Pattern From a Piece of Cardboard

2. Cut out a piece of cardboard. Make it as long as from one of your ears to the other ---over the top of your head. Use this as your pattern. Use a piece of hard paper from your recycling bin, like an ad for pizza.

Step 3: Cut Out Material

3. Lay paper pattern on a piece of material. We used an old pair of PJs and some fabric from the crafts box.

Step 4:

4. Cut 2 pieces of fabric. We made ours the shape of a flat football, wider in the middle. It reaches over your head, ear to ear. Babies like to play with these strips.

Step 5: Sew Pieces Together

5. Sew the two pieces of fabric together the sides you want to show facing each other. Sew the long edges.

Step 6: Turn Inside Out

6. Turn it inside out, so the nice side is on the outside now.

Step 7: Iron

7. Iron it smooth

Step 8: Tuck in Edges

8. Tuck in the ends so the raveled edges are inside and iron

Step 9: Add Elastic Band

9. Cut 10 inches of elastic and sew into the two ends.

Step 10: Making Headband One Piece

10. It is important to make sure the headband isn't twisted when you sew the elastic to either end. It now one piece.

Step 11: Wear the Headband!

Put on headband and look great!

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    Absolutely incredible. So simple to make and it makes such a statement. I can't wait for her next instructable.

    Good job! Its nice to see a younger community on instructables, A+ on the grammar as well!

    2 replies

    Right, but nothing with the quality or grammar of this particular girl.

    Stylish and practical

    these are gonna show my little cousin and her n my friends might do it too!!

    Beautiful job, gonna show this to my nieces!!!

    Love it something i want to do for school!

    This is so cool. I'm twelve and I couldn't make something half as nice! WOW YOU ARE SO CREATIVE! Good Job!

    Great instructable! I make these from little crochet strips too, it takes about an hour for one. Might be a great learning to crochet project...

    Love seeing young DIYers! Gives me hope for the future! Good job!

    Very nice job and the little girl is adorable! I think I will try this with the kids I work with it looks like a great craft. Thanks for sharing this. Good luck in the contest.

    COOL! COOL! COOL! Hugs from Brasil ; )

    Really good ! Your cousin looks cool in the last pic :)