Step 5: Optional - Make a Custom Display Case for BTTF III Car

The BTTF III model came with such a detailed base that I did not want to take it off and put it in a separate display case like the other models.  I searched through a bunch of hobby stores, but I could not find a display case big enough to fit the base inside that was not overly large.  The closest I found was the trumpeter 1/18 case, which was still a little too small, but it is bigger than the IMEX cases.  I decided to sacrifice the Trumpeter and make a custom case using the Sun Star BTTF base and Trumpeter display cover.  The cover is not long enough for the whole base, so I had to trim it with a Dremel tool.  After a lot of guess and check, I got the cover to fit over the base.
Very cool! Those are probably the best display cases I've ever seen.
Thanks, I'm glad you like my project! It was my first time working with model car display cases.

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