Back to the Future Model DeLorean Interactive Display

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Step 5: Optional - Make a Custom Display Case for BTTF III Car

Picture of Optional - Make a Custom Display Case for BTTF III Car
The BTTF III model came with such a detailed base that I did not want to take it off and put it in a separate display case like the other models.  I searched through a bunch of hobby stores, but I could not find a display case big enough to fit the base inside that was not overly large.  The closest I found was the trumpeter 1/18 case, which was still a little too small, but it is bigger than the IMEX cases.  I decided to sacrifice the Trumpeter and make a custom case using the Sun Star BTTF base and Trumpeter display cover.  The cover is not long enough for the whole base, so I had to trim it with a Dremel tool.  After a lot of guess and check, I got the cover to fit over the base.
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