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Introduction: Back to the Future Time Traveling Scion TC

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For halloween my son wanted to do a Back to the Future (BTTF) Theme this year. He wanted me to get a real BTTF DMC reproduction for $60,000 on ebay. After I got off the floor from passing out We came up with a way more affordable way to do this. Why not make one out of my Scion TC. So we did. It probably cost about $100 bucks to do this. We have the Flux Capacitor, an iPad time calculator and the Plutonium case which doubles as our candy dish.

Step 1: 2015 Version of the Ultimate Time Machine

This we we are changing it up a bit. I sold the Scion so with some slight modifications we got the BTTF Time Machine bits to fit.

Now we have the BW Ultimate Time Machine.



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    That is def one of a kind...I have a Scion TC also but mine is white with a rear spoiler cant do this theme but looking for any advise as to what theme i could have since halloween is coming soon. thanks

    How about the Speed Racer mark 5 or the James bond lotus sub.

    this is cool it looks beter than the one in the movie

    'What are you deff and stupid!?"

    Oh comon the Futureshock can never be replaced! The Delorean made the machine, dude. I agree still very cool modification. The first thing in my head I envisioned after seeing this pic was my Cobalt done up like that ha!

    Thanks, Check out the video we made.

    Check out this cool video we made of the time machine actually working.

    1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!