Picture of Backcountry Loomis Potatoes
If you are looking for a great camping meal idea, try my Backcountry Loomis Potatoes.  It's a complete hearty meal cooked over a campfire.  It can be prepared the day before, so you can spend more time enjoying your adventure . For other ideas, please visit Loomis Adventures .

Potatoes (I prefer red, but any will do)
Olive Oil
Garlic Salt
Aluminum Foil
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Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

Picture of Prepare Ingredients
Cut up potatoes, onion, chicken, and butter.  I am a big eater, so I normally use a couple boneless skinless chicken thighs or a large chicken breast, 3 medium sized red potatoes, and 1 small onion.  You can adjust the proportions according to the appetite of those you are cooking for.  I normally use 2-3 tablespoons of butter.

Step 2: Aluminum Foil

Picture of Aluminum Foil
Cut 2 pieces of aluminum foil about 18" long.  Lay them on top of each other.  Add about a tablespoon of olive oil and sprinkle some garlic salt and pepper onto the foil.  You may also sprinkle on any of you other favorite spices (I like to add lemon pepper sometimes).  Don't add too much as you will be adding more in the next step.  Repeat for as many portions as you want to make.

Step 3: Mix Ingredients

Picture of Mix Ingredients
Take chicken, potatoes, onions, and butter and mix them together on the foil.  Add 1-2 more tablespoons of olive oil.  Sprinkle more garlic salt and pepper (and other spices if desired) over the cut up ingredients.  Repeat if making additional portions.

Step 4: Package it Up

Picture of Package it Up
Pull the two long sides of the aluminum foil together like a hot dog.  Starting at the top fold the foil over again and again until tight in small (3-4 mm) increments to seal the contents inside.  Do the same thing on the two ends but with larger folds (1 cm).  Repeat if making additional portions.
l8nite4 years ago
I first had something like this dish in a reststop somewhere in the midwest U.S. when another trucker pulled a foil packet from under his trucks hood, Since then Ive made many variations, sausage, beef chunks, hotdogs, chicken, frozen meatballs. different veggies like cauliflower or brocolli, brussel sprouts etc. Packaged seasonings and gravys store easy in a truck and its amazing how the same basic ingrediants change when you use onion soup or beef gravy mix. Double wrap in foil and cook on the exhaust manifold for 3-400 miles
CrLz4 years ago
Love cooking this way, nice touch adding the chicken. Comfort food on a snowy camp-out is crucial!