Introduction: Backflip Toy Out of Legos

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today I will be show in you guys how to build a small toy that does backflips

Step 1: Materials

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you'll need:
4 thin 1x4 blocks
2 2x4 blocks thin
1 2x2 thin
1 2x1 thin
1 set of wheels

Step 2: Construction

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take the set of wheels and the two 2x4 thin blocks and join them together like so in picture 1
next take two of the 1x4 thins and place them horizontally in picture 2
now take the 2x2 square thin and place it on top of the two 1x4 thins in the middle
next take the last two 1x4 thins and place them vertically like in picture 5 & 6
lastly put the 1x2 thin on top of the blocks placed in the last step

Step 3: Operation

Picture of Operation

place your finger on the thin blocks sticking out and push down which will make it do a backflip


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